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PSL: I-pin and Yamamoto

I-pin loves going to the park, there's lot of room to run around and practice her kenpo and Mr. Yamamoto is taking her. He was just supposed to take her but Lambo had shown up and started crying so now both children were riding on the taller guardian's shoulders and Lambo was laughing about how he was bigger than everyone around him. He kept turning on Yamamoto's shoulder and wiggling his butt at people passing buy. I-pin was starting to look frustrated with his rudeness and shouted something at him in Chinese before launching herself across Yamamoto's body in a flying kick aimed right at Lambo's naughty head.

The two children went tumbling onto the sidewalk, I-pin landing in a practiced crouch and Lambo bouncing off all that hair and bursting into tears. "Lambo is a bad boy! The average all stop!" She announced, fists clenched at her sides. Lambo, for his part, stopped crying to stick his tongue out at her and then turned to shake his little cowprint butt at her for emphasis.

"Stupid Egghead I-pin! Lambo is the best, he's not a bad boy at all! And he's way better than average all stop!" Lambo was pretty used to only understanding bits and pieces of what she said, and he pretended like he understood the rest.
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Even though they could be a bit of a handful at times, Yamamoto didn't mind looking after the kids, especially since Tsuna had given him such a grateful look that Yamamoto was a bit surprised he hadn't burst into tears.

Since baseball had been strictly off limits for reasons he couldn't quite fathom, but he would respect, he'd brought along a soccer ball again since they had seemed to enjoy that last time.

"C'mon you two, be nice." In order to try to instill some peace, Yamamoto reached down to pick up Lambo to set him back on his shoulder as if that would stop the taunting butt shakes. "Save your energy for soccer! Do you want to be the goalie this time, I-Pin?"
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Even though Yamamoto's Chinese was nonexistent, the tone and the bowing was universal enough, and he waved off I-Pin's apology, turning to Lambo.

"You shouldn't let your friends apologize all the time by themselves. You should pitch in too every once in a while." But his attention turned back to I-Pin as she seemed to get super excited at the prospect of being goalie, laughing as he followed along after her.

"You're a really good goalie! I couldn't get anything past you last time!" Because luckily his competitive, do or die spirit seemed to be confined only to swordsmanship and baseball. For now.

Once they were on the grass, Yamamoto let Lambo down, setting the ball down in front of them. "Do you remember the rules from last time?" Name no name calling, no hair pulling, and no unsportsmanlike behavior.
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"Lambo." Yamamoto tried with a small sigh and shake of his head, but since I-Pin didn't seem to mind too much, he would let it go for now.

"Don't thank me, it was all your skill." Yamamoto said with a grin, tucking his hands behind his head as he watched the two of them play. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say Lambo tried to play obnoxiously and it looked like I-Pin was going to pound him into dust, but considering the little guy did worse to Lambo on a daily basis, he was sure he'd be fine. Besides, it was always interesting to watch I-Pin move. For someone so young, she was pretty graceful and confident.
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"Now, now, you two." Yamamoto chided, helping pick Lambo up. Tsuna had said something like this might happen, and since things had calmed down a bit, they had been looking into getting I-Pin's vision fixed.

He was sure that one pair of usable glasses was in the bag Tsuna had shoved in his hands when he exited the house, so to calm Lambo down, he gave him a small piece of candy to gum on while he headed over to I-Pin. He probably should have done this in the first place, but KHR antics right?

"I know they might be similar in shape, but that was Lambo just now. Try these on, this might be better." He handed over the sports glasses which should hopefully solve any future disputes.
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Yamamoto got down on one knee to try to adjust the glasses as best he could to fit on I-Pin's head, but he supposed Tsuna had called it an imperfect fix for a reason. Still, she seemed happy enough, and he laughed happily at her delight. "Happy to help! This should make it easier to figure out what to block."

He paused when he heard Lambo's outburst, turning to frown at him slightly. "Lambo, be nice!" But he knew a lost cause when he saw it, so instead he turned back to I-Pin with a soft smile.

"I think you look fine. Are we ready to try this again?"
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For his part, Yamamoto tried to intervene as much as possible to keep the peace between the two of them.

He had just been about to suggest maybe he should be the goalie and they both could work together to get the ball past him when Lambo's bazooka went off, covering most of the field in a thick smoke. Coughing slightly, Yamamoto waved it aside only to see an oddly familiar girl standing in the midst of everything.

"Hey, are you okay?" And more importantly, he could see Lambo bawling off to the side, but where was I-Pin?
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"Mr. Yamamoto?" It was odd being called that by someone his own age, and quickly Yamamoto raised his hands, waving off the notion. "Do you know my dad?" His old man knew a lot of strange and interesting people, and Yamamoto had long since stopped being surprised by how many people 'owed' something to his old man or were just 'dropping by to check in on him'. When he had been little, he had thought everyone's parents had strange going ons, and had never thought to question it.

The mention of Lambo was odd too, and Yamamoto held the little cow-dressed boy back in case he decided to get overly 'friendly', or what most people would refer to as 'violent'. "Haha, he's always been this size! Are you sure you're okay? Did you fall and hit something?"
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The girl seemed oddly familiar, and it seemed like they knew all the same people. Maybe they were classmates? Though he was sure Tsuna and Miura would laugh themselves silly if they heard themselves be addressed in such a manner. Anyone who knew those two was clearly a friend of his, in any case.

He knelt down next to her, expression concerned.

"Anything I can do to help? If you need to see Tsuna, I can take you to him."

Since that always seemed to be how his interactions with random odd people went.
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Yamamoto tried to help pick up all the pencils spilling out onto the grass, even if the girl didn't seem to be too concerned about them. He stuffed them back into her bag just as she pulled out her calendar, trying to look over her shoulder at her rather intense looking schedule.

"If it's training you were supposed to do, maybe I could fill in?"

He picked up Lambo gently so he wouldn't mess with her bag, heading back over to the bag Tsuna had given him to offer him a snack to keep him more docile. "Sorry about that! He just has a lot of energy." Which might be a nice way of saying he was a rambunctious, obnoxious shit.

At the sight of her embarrassment, he waved a hand as if to wave it aside. "It happens to all of us!" It probably didn't outside of Tsuna's guardian circle, but still. "What's the last thing you remember?"
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"Ah, I'm not sure where Chrome is at the moment..." While she was generally easier to locate than say, the rest of the Kokuyo Gang, she was still hard to find in general. He did perk up at the mention of sparring, and once he made sure Lambo was settled, he straightened with a grin. "Sure!"

The question about Lambo's size was kind of confusing, but Yamamoto shrugged a bit helplessly, laughing. "Don't let him hear you say that! He'll get mad." Little kids liked to measure themselves by months and days and centimeters as if it would help them grow faster.

"Instead of sparring, should I take you to the library instead? It's not too far from here." He tucked his hands behind his head, fine with either sparring or helping her out.
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"She does, doesn't she? Though it's good that she has the other girls to lean on when she wants company." Once she was more comfortable being around the rest of them, Yamamoto was going to try his best to get along with her as well. He was eager to continue to train against illusionists, and Chrome was one of the best they had.

He waved a hand dismissively at needing a sword to spar, laughing easily. "I should probably learn how to do a little hand to hand anyway! I lose my swords too much..." Squalo had helpfully told him he should cut off his hand like he had more than once, but Yamamoto wasn't keen on doing something so drastic. "I've only sparred a bit with Ryohei, but he was going easy on me."
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"Please take good care of me, I'm in your hands!" Yamamoto bowed back properly, grinning at the direct sparring approach. He learned better by watching someone and copying anyway, so standing around talking about it or going step by step through a movement would have been wasted on him.

"Sure! I've only watched a few martial arts movies but they seemed pretty useful!" And probably more Hollywood than anything. He settled into a solid enough stance, grinning. "Ready when you are!"
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many apologies i suck at fight scenes lol

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This girl was quick was Yamamoto's first impression, and then he didn't have time to think at all. He was knocked a bit off balance, stumbling slightly backwards, though he did his best to knock her hands away so he wouldn't end up on his back.
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sorry to drag you down friend

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Though Yamamoto's moves were raw, unpolished, and unsophisticated, he made up for it as always through sheer reflex and a competitive drive not to lose. He dodged the kick to his head at the last second, eyes wide as he watched her foot pass close to his face, but before he could do anything else, he was getting kicked hard in the stomach, sending him tumbling backwards.

He landed on his back, the wind knocked out of him, surprise written all over his features. He hadn't thought he was particularly terrible at martial arts, but he definitely had a lot to learn. He sat up slowly, trying not to wince, laughing despite himself. "Wow, you're pretty good!"
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Yamamoto took her hand with a small laugh, a bit breathless. He helped hoist himself up, rubbing at his chest thoughtfully. Was it going to bruise later or perhaps it was just the shock at being struck? "Don't worry about it! You're pretty good!" And watching her move had been interesting, something he'd have to try to replicate when he had more time and a chance to clear his head. "How long have you been fighting?"

He paused when he heard Lambo cackling, going back to sit next to the little hitman. "You should be nicer to girls, Lambo. Or do you want to try to fight her next?" He was always picking fights with Reborn too, so maybe he shouldn't be surprised if Lambo agreed to it.
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The laughter didn't sound mocking, but he supposed even if it did, he would have laughed along anyway. "That's pretty impressive! No wonder you're so good at it." It seemed like she was good at handling Lambo too, which was rather surprising. Most people upon meeting him for the for the first time found him a bit too much to handle, not that he could really blame him. But this girl seemed to defuse him just fine. To help keep Lambo quiet and behaved just in case the girl's patience wore thin, he offered Lambo one of the juiceboxes he'd brought along, turning back to the girl in surprise when she touched him.

It was tender to the touch, and he was sure that he might form a bruise from it later, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. He held up his hands as if to quell any of her fears.

"I'm fine! I've had worse, but I do appreciate that you pulled back."
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"No flattery at all! It's the truth!" He rubbed at his chest again as if to prove his point, before raising an eyebrow curiously. Studying was something he did only to stay on the baseball team, so he really couldn't say he understood it exactly when people seemed to enjoy doing it and wanted to get into college, but he could support it. "Oh really? What do you want to go to school for?"

The mention about broken bones was only met with a sheepish laugh, mostly because Yamamoto wasn't sure he could say anything about it without breaking that 'om' word that Gokudera kept hissing at him while kicking him in the shin. "I'll be fine, don't worry! Should we go look from Chrome or Tsuna instead?" He was pretty sure that's what she wanted to do originally.
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For better or for worse, Yamamoto had always known what he wanted and was willing to put the work in to get there. So long as that work didn't require too much studying.

"Business would be good! You could do a lot with it, and you seem like you'd do good running a business." Mostly based on the fact that she was friendly, could deal with tricky customers like Lambo, and that she had a good head on her shoulders.

He started to gather up their things when she agreed to go meet Tsuna, pausing slightly when he realized that I-Pin in fact, was not by Lambo. "Where'd your friend go?" He asked the toddler, concern overtaking him. He could have sworn he saw her just a minute ago...