pinzutimebomb: (c - kickin' ass)
I-pin ([personal profile] pinzutimebomb) wrote2016-10-09 09:27 pm

PSL: I-pin and Yamamoto

I-pin loves going to the park, there's lot of room to run around and practice her kenpo and Mr. Yamamoto is taking her. He was just supposed to take her but Lambo had shown up and started crying so now both children were riding on the taller guardian's shoulders and Lambo was laughing about how he was bigger than everyone around him. He kept turning on Yamamoto's shoulder and wiggling his butt at people passing buy. I-pin was starting to look frustrated with his rudeness and shouted something at him in Chinese before launching herself across Yamamoto's body in a flying kick aimed right at Lambo's naughty head.

The two children went tumbling onto the sidewalk, I-pin landing in a practiced crouch and Lambo bouncing off all that hair and bursting into tears. "Lambo is a bad boy! The average all stop!" She announced, fists clenched at her sides. Lambo, for his part, stopped crying to stick his tongue out at her and then turned to shake his little cowprint butt at her for emphasis.

"Stupid Egghead I-pin! Lambo is the best, he's not a bad boy at all! And he's way better than average all stop!" Lambo was pretty used to only understanding bits and pieces of what she said, and he pretended like he understood the rest.

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