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Ipin found Mr. Lucky! He continues to run away, and Ipin is impossible his signature which causes him to give him to want her to discover the protein soft sugar. She discovered that the heart and the chair follow her now! It is astonishing! Ipin obtains the pleasure, except badly dog filches from coconut tree crispies takes the Ipin heart she to the present let it return! Ipin also discovered that the chest uses the cookie. But Ipin does not have the time to attempt them, she will preserve it later! They request her to eat! Surprised!!

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Heeey, where are you? I think we're on the same ship!

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Ipin becomes lost. Ipin think she is on level two? There is the dance wardrobe.

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I have no idea what that is so I'm just going to punch my way around till I find you!

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Ipin will listens for Mr. Tiger!

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You're an awesome good girl Ipin!

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Thanks Mr. Tiger! Is that he crashes?

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Are you asking if you can hear me? Wahaha I hope you are hearing me! give a yell and I'll see if I can hear you.

ooc: her voice is kind of tiny

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Ipin yell loud now!

ooc: clonked on head by gold

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Ipin! I didn't know you were on thi-

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I think I got away... So we have to find Mr. Lucky? Where did he go?

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Ipin lost he, when the doggie stealed.

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Ipin take the picture while run.

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Ipin... is runs now. What did Mr. Gokudera not understood?

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请小心, Ipin 。

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谢谢Reborn, Ipin嘗試先生非常小心,它是难跑。

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You didn't run into a rabid fluffball, did you?

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Just don't be caught near it.

I had to get away by arranging a battle between it and the giant honeybee.

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Near... it?

Bee? There is a large bee? Ipin did not likes bees.

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There are several, unfortunately. But at least that's better than the vampire with chocolate bars.

It's easy to get caught up. In its insanity.

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Ipin seed the chef with toast. They keep throwing at Ipin.

The bee insane?

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No more insane than anything else on that ship, but the stinger is more than a bit offputting.

The tiger isn't too bad, but there are also three little...

And a giant rooster.

Did you find any clovers?

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... it scare.

Three? Chef is three.

Ipin gyoza the doggie and gets the heart. Ipin did not finds clover.

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Try finding an hourglass then.

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Mr. Reborn knows what looks for? Is he here?

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I passed through some time back. I was in something of a rush. and just a little bit tired.

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!! poor Mr. Reborn. Ipin will works hard!

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doubleppk: (treasure)

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Who is Lucky?

A leprechaun? Really?

Hm. Where there's leprechauns there's gold.

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Mr. Lucky with the rainbow and horshoe and star and all!
doubleppk: (red jacket)

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No idea. You got a picture or something?
doubleppk: Fujiko in a blue leather catsuit, mostly unzipped (motorcycle)

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OH! I saw him run upstairs! What floor are you on? We'll catch him!

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Ipin is on the floor two!
doubleppk: (army machine gun)

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Okay! Go down to Floor 3! I'll meet you there! We'll corner him maybe!

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Miss Fujiko!! Ipin got big! She can not get out of the door!

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Mr. Lucky? That's who I was for Halloween, right?

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Yup! Pretty cool! Make sure you take a picture of him for me too!

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OK! But Ipin got big. It takes longer perhaps.