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It's that time of year

Lambo? I think someone mistook my room for yours, there's ... I think it's a gift, for you. Maybe they ran out of balloons because there's pink gloves instead and it's in a cowprint bag. Let me know where you are so I can give it to you?

Thank you for the movie night last night, Jyabura and Miss Fujiko. And Toboe for letting me snuggle! You're so warm and furry!

Are all the ants gone from the other boat?

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Hm-mm, no problem. I love being petted, so I'm the one thanking you.

I helped a bit to get rid of the bugs, but I'm not sure if there are more.
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I think it was mutual. You're so good at relaxing me! Sorry I nearly fell asleep still hugging you. It must have gotten hot.

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Ahaha, it's fine, it's fine! I didn't want to bother you either, you looked cute.

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Haha it's so strange to be told that by someone as cute as you.

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I'm working on it. That dumbass Colonello suggested I use a fork since he said something about my dynamite creating holes in the ship.

How the hell am I suppose to take down ants the size of house cats with a fork?!

So then... the answer is no about the ants.

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Oh dynamite would be dangerous on a boat. Do you need help? I'm sure some of us could come over and help. Toboe said he was enjoying it!

I think it would be easier with a knife. Maybe you can use one from the kitchen? Just clean it and re-sharpen it afterward?

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I wonder how they got on the boat in the first place. There's got to be a queen somewhere... and my plan is to follow a worker towards her. Unfortunately, people keep killing them before they reach her and I'm left with very little to follow... It's all very annoying.
As big as they are, I can step on them... I just have to watch out for their mandibles.

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Perhaps when we docked sometime? What do exterminators do? What about having them workers carry back Miss Bianchi's poison food to the queen?

Is it hard to crush the armor?

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Everyone seems very stressed out over there.
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Mm-hm. No problem. How'd you like the movies?

Happy Birthday Lambo~ Whenever you see this. I got you more bullets. Fufufu.

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They were fun!

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If you blow up gloves, you can still get balloons! I do it to Chopper's gloves all the time.

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Yes I noticed that. It looks like they put helium in them because they float. I think they were painted pink after they were blown up actually. Does Mr. Chopper enjoy when you do that?

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He pretends to be mad, but he isn't really. I bet he'd really like pink ones!

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Maybe Lambo will take a picture later for him.

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You might. I'm Ipin. And you are?

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Glad you had fun. Tell the cow brat happy birthday for me when you see him, will you?

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Of course I did!

I.. I will, I thought for sure announcing a gift would bring him out. I guess not.

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You haven't seen him either? I figured he was just avoiding me or something.

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