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Who has Ipin's kung fu? She misses it. Asks Ipin to be able to return to it?

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You're missing your kung-fu still?

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Ipin still did not know who has.

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You want help?

Hopefully they'll show up.

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You have not seen anyone be good at Kung-Fu?

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A smart approach, I-pin.

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Mister looks like Ipin's master!

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doubleppk: Fujiko in a blue leather catsuit, mostly unzipped (blue jacket)

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I'm looking for it too kid. I'll see what I can do.

You've still got that fictional stories obsession right?

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Fictionalizes story prejudice. What is that?

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How did you lose your ability?

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Many person of abilities are mixed. It is very chaotic.

Ipin does not know you, it is good meets Miss Paw the hair

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Somebody took your kung-fu?

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When everybody changed, it lost.

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Well, do you remember where you left it?

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Ipin woke up and it disappear.

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I haven't seen anyone talking about kung fu skills yet, but I'll keep an eye out for you Ipin. When you get it back, let's practice together to make sure they haven't gotten rusty.

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Thanks Mr. Gon. Ipin will like. She must practices because Master is coming!

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I'll try and keep my eyes open for you! I don't believe we met yet - I'm Sister Rosette Christopher!

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Nice to meets Miss Sister

Ipin is Ipin.

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Hello Ipin, I have heard about you. I am Orpherus.
How may I assist you in your search?

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Miss Orpherus hears of Ipin?

Ipin is impossible to think that other ways discovered her strength forms besides the request. But nobody knew. Ipin's Master approaches very quickly, and she will be afraid her not to let it return promptly.

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Aww, don't be sad little Ipin! I'm sure you'll get your Kung Fu back as soon as possible! Would you like me to sing you a children's song like Kaku the Chibi Giraffe to cheer you up? Yohohoho!

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Thanks Mr. Brooke. Ipin did not knows this song.