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Log Post: Feeling frisky

Who: Gokudera, Ipin and Lambo
What: Locked in the room and someone's got the France. (cont. from here)
When: Wednesday Night
Where: SDC some random room
RATING: R for attempted sexual content XD

Ipin could only hold off so much. But Lambo had already taken Mr. Gokudera's pants off and now he was removing his own boxers and she didn't think she could handle that. She dropped her laptop and jumped toward him, hoping she didn't kill him on impact. "STOP you can't just DO THAT!!" She scrunched her eyes mostly shut just to avoid seeing if he managed to get them off and hoped for the best.

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Lambo was certainly on a roll this time around with his new found 'powers' and definitely had plans to un-robe Gokudera once he had had his fun with Ipin. Only he was stopped in his tracks and before he could tug down his own cow print boxers, he was tackled down to the ground. Once the chaos cleared he looked around to take in the situation. His pants were down to his thighs, he was...embarrassingly at attention and Ipin was straddling him. Welcome back, nosebleed. "I-I-I-Ipin! What are you doing?!" But oh, it got better. Was that...Gokudera? WHERE WERE HIS CLOTHES?! "G-G-GOKUDERA! PLEASE COVER UP!!!"

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Having been blindfolded, Gokudera was left to assume that Ipin had tackled Lambo. The momentary silence that followed filled the bomb expert with dread and he was just about to call out to the Chinese girl when he heard Lambo yell at him. Gokudera grit his teeth together sharply, "I can't." His voice was little more than a shaky breath, "You tied me up." Even if he could pull his pants up, it would be somewhat difficult to wear them after what Lambo had just put him through.

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Ipin, for her part took a moment to open her eyes. Her head swam and she sucked in a breath, looking down at Lambo from where she was half laying, arms gripped around legs. She slowly sat up, wincing, splaying her fingers out across a thigh and dipping her hands into the waistline of his boxers to tug lightly . "Well look at that." She said in amusement. "You're all ready for me." Her eyes drifted to Gokudera and lit up at the veritable smorgasbord of half dressed people for her to play with.

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Lambo did his best to sit up, trying to scoot away from the vital region taker currently on top of him. Wow, her hands...were...oh my. "Ipin, I think you should...get off of me....maybe..." At least the nose bleed had stopped, that was good right?

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Her attention snapped back to the boy underneath her as he shifted and tried to scoot away. Her grin was wolfish now. "I think there are a few things that should be gotten off." She winked and with no warning whatsoever she leaned down, hands still at his pants on his thighs and head dropping down to clamp her teeth playfully at the waistband of his boxers already dangerously low around his hips. Her complete lack of hesitation meant she immediately began yanking his pants down further with her hands, and tugging his boxers with her teeth. Ipin with a goal could be a terrifying thing.

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"Oh dear God...." At this point, he was unsure whether he should keep trying to get away or if she should just let her go for it. He was a teenage boy and while most seemed to think his hormones were possibly non-existent they were currently raging. But if it kept up like this he wouldn't be responsible for his actions. There was only so much self-control he could have in this situation. Then there was the fact that logically speaking him trying to scoot back would only assist her in her goal to undress him. "P-Panda...p-please, I don't t-think you really know what you're doing..."

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Ipin stopped, sprawled out across his legs, resting her cheek on his thigh disturbingly close to his 'vital regions'. "We'll learn together, Lambo. Maybe Gokudera can help. Or I could just rely on instinct." As if to make the point, she breathed out letting her warm breath moisten his exposed skin.

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Gokudera made a series of sounds, all rather disgruntled and with curses sprinkled in for extra emphasis as he squirmed in the chair, tugging desperately to free his hands from the tight knots Lambo had tied around them. "What the hell's going on?!" He snapped while struggling, "Ipin, if you've got him under control, could you please untie me?"

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So much for not having a nosebleed. This was not good. At all. Reaching down, Lambo tried to move Ipin's head away from such...sensitive areas without somehow hurting her but damn if she wasn't making this whole ordeal hard, no pun intended, for him. Glancing over at Gokudera, he made a pleading face despite the fact the other boy clearly couldn't see it, "Er...the one that needs to be put under control is Ipin...idiot!"

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Ipin chuckled quietly, leaning into Lambo's hand instead of letting him push her head away. He'd have to put a little more pressure into it although if she thought about that it shouldn't be something she'd want him to do with his strength. "I've got him right where I want him, Gokudera." She turned her eyes back at Lambo's words and practically purred. "You'd like to put me under control?"

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"What the fuck are you talking about?" Gokudera barked at Lambo, offended for his friend. "Ipin hasn't done anything wrong! You locked us in here and swallowed the key!" His yelling was cut short as he heard Ipin speak up and he felt a cold sense of dread sweep over him. "... Ipin. C-Can't you at least untie me or something this is kind of awkward... "

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"Oh G-God...." In the current case of hormones versus logic and common sense, hormones were currently winning by a mile. Before he could stop himself, Lambo's head fell back, his arms dropping to his sides as a chill ran down his spine. Where the hell had Ipin learned to sound like that? And then Lambo suddenly remembered that Gokudera was still around, "Idiot...get out..."

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Ipin grinned at Lambo's apparent submission. "He can't." She pointed out almost gleefully. "He's all tied up. You're very good with knots." She slowly crawled back up his body, settling down against him again and sliding a hand between them, low on his abdomen. "And you swallowed the key you naughty boy. But maybe you're in luck." She grinned up at Gokudera. "Do you like to watch, Gokudera? Or maybe you'd like to join in?" The suggestive tone of voice was unmistakable with invitation.

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Gokudera's mouth fell open and he stilled, trying to find some kind of appropriate response. "I-I don't have much of a choice, do I?" He gulped audibly and tried to cover his boxers with his knees, but the entire action and the thought alone was useless since he could barely move.

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"I never said I actually s-swallowed it..." Another chill ran down his spine which didn't at all match the warm pool of heat currently collecting within his groin. This was a little awkward. There was no way Ipin couldn't feel that. Yet he really couldn't bring himself to care at the moment. "I t-think the idiot should do n-neither. He should b-break free and leave."

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Ipin leaned down and pressed her lips to that spot right behind his ear where the lobe connected to his neck, then licked slowly. "There's always a choice, Gokudera." She looked over at him. "Don't be shy now." Her attention went back to Lambo and she shifted on him her hand dropping down farther, dangerously close to that pleasant bulge against her hip. She pulled up enough to kiss Lambo hungrily before pulling away again. "Don't be selfish now.. how is he supposed to get out? Besides he's already mostly undressed."

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"She's right." Gokudera growled. Well, he couldn't get out but he could do something! Or he could try! The bomb expert moved his fingers, trying to create a word, any word that might help him break his binds. Letters began to fall onto the floor around him, "Fucking pervert..." He grumbled, trying to visualize the words he was sketching with the index finger of his right hand. It was hard to concentrate when he knew what was going on in the room he was sharing with the power-swapping couple.

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Alright. That was it. The hormones had won in a freaking blow out as the fact that Ipin wasn't necessarily herself right now slipped right out of his mind. A low moan slipped past his lips and he squirmed a bit underneath Ipin, not really digging the whole non-attention his throbbing lower region was getting. "I'm not....ah," deep breathes, Lambo, deep breathes. "I'm not a p-pervert." Reaching up, he pulled Ipin's lips back to his, not appreciating the fact that she had stopped kissing him to talk about Gokudera of all people. That was just wrong.

((this log just got rated R))

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"Mmm." Lambo took some initiative and Ipin happily kissed him back, her fingers finally reaching out to grasp Lambo's erection right there next to Gokudera apparently UNCONCERNED with the whole situation. As a matter of fact, a look into Ipin's francified brain would reveal that she was well on the way to conquering one vital region and another was sitting patiently by waiting for her to finish so it could also be conquered. She knew what she was doing here. If she'd tried using something other than her hand she'd have been at a loss. But now she worked smoothly all the while claiming Lambo's mouth. She was so preoccupied she missed the soft sound of letters hitting the metal floor.

Re: ((this log just got rated R))

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The silence that followed Lambo's reply made Gokudera's heart race. This was REALLY uncomfortable. He waved his fingers faster, going through nearly any and every word in his mental aresenal. Gokudera glared, slumping forward in defeat. "Once I fucking get out of this Lambo, I'm going to fucking castrate you!" He snarled. Why was it getting so hot? And for some reason he could smell smoke and his wrists were starting to hurt.

Re: ((this log just got rated R))

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Thankfully, or maybe not?, Lambo was in a state of pure bliss so Gokudera's threat fell on deaf ears. Where they even in a room anymore? This felt like a pleasure-filled heaven. He'd certainly take her hand over his own any day of the week. His hips bucked to match her movements, each slide of her hand bringing him closer to that sweet release. It was a good thing she had his mouth occupied otherwise his moans and groans would've been heard by the majority of people currently on the ship.

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Mmm he tasted like butterscotch. She wondered idly if he had more. But she was really too preoccupied with sensation right now to think much farther than that. She couldn't smell Gokudera's smoke yet. So instead she focuses her attention on Lambo's lips, his tongue the way his body felt under hers and the warm hardness in her hand as she tightened her grip and sped up her pace. She felt heat through most of her body at this point. Her brain sparking in response to her nerves.

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Yeah. Gokudera was getting really sick of those soft sounds the couple was making in front of him. He was also really sure that iPin shouldn't lose her virginity. He was sure that he could smell smoke, and he had no idea where it was coming from. It wasn't a bad smell, it was actually kind of familiar, and so was that hissing. It reminded him of when he lit one of the fuses on his dynamites.

Gokudera felt his rapidly beating heart freeze and he gasped, "Hey Guys!" He tried not to sound too panicked, but hello, if one of his many concealed dynamite sticks had been lit, it was a little more important than... whatever it was they were doing

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Oh sorry, did you say something Gokudera? Lambo is a little preoccupied at the moment and is 100% sure that what he was doing, or rather what was being done to him, was a hell of a lot more important. Plus that's a kind of cool way to die, right? Blown up by dynamite while engaging in less-than-innocent acts. Breaking away from their kiss, Lambo squeezed his eyes shut, his head falling back to rest on the floor. He had to breathe sometime. And just when had Ipin gotten so skilled with her hands?

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Ipin's teeth grazed Lambo's neck as he dropped his head back, then her lips closed and she sucked his skin in enough to leave a mark. Her eyes drifted to Gokudera who seemed somewhat more panicked. She didn't even break her rhythm as she sighed happily and spoke aloud to Gokudera. "Don't worry, I'll get to you soon Gokudera." She misinterpreted his panicked yell entirely.

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