pinzutimebomb: (Adult: moving quickly)
I-pin ([personal profile] pinzutimebomb) wrote2009-04-23 01:56 am

Log Post: Feeling frisky

Who: Gokudera, Ipin and Lambo
What: Locked in the room and someone's got the France. (cont. from here)
When: Wednesday Night
Where: SDC some random room
RATING: R for attempted sexual content XD

Ipin could only hold off so much. But Lambo had already taken Mr. Gokudera's pants off and now he was removing his own boxers and she didn't think she could handle that. She dropped her laptop and jumped toward him, hoping she didn't kill him on impact. "STOP you can't just DO THAT!!" She scrunched her eyes mostly shut just to avoid seeing if he managed to get them off and hoped for the best.

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