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Mr. England is not mad! He have adopted Ipin, and nearby port and took she and Mr. Hong Kong shopping. He is the unusual pleasure! And he has bought Ipin, and Hong Kong gentleman Ices Cream and no one to insult cannot share with Ipin, and nobody has adopted her cookie! And her face no longer is the multi-spots!

Here is she ices cream!

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England adopted you?

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Ah-- I'm not sure adopt is the right choice of words, Ipin.

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This is what translator say. It malfunction?
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Glad to hear you're having fun though. :)

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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Mr. England say translator malfuction on this word.

It was very!!

Mandarin Orange!

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Awwww <3

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I'm glad you got the ink off, Ipin.

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Ipin is glad also. Thank you Mr. Reborn! Is he does ok? Ipin miss he!

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Eeh? Adopted?!

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Mr. England informs Ipin the translator malfuction. She tries again and gets:

Mr. England allows Ipin to join him to visit many places in them the ports!

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...shit that looks good.

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... Mr. England say word wrong.

It was very good!

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Ice cream! Now there's a simple dessert. I wonder if I can find a waffle cone recipe...

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Ipin never tries it yet. Is it hard?

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Mmm. It looks delicious.

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It was very! Miss Chrome should obtain with Ipin sometime!

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Hello Ipin-chan!

Looks like you're having fun. That ice cream looks amazing! It's been ages since I actually ate ice cream. I pretty much have to drink it now hehe. :D

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Hello Mr. Ace!

Ipin does obtains the pleasure! Mr. Ace like the milkshake?

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Adopted? I see. Well, Ipin-chan I'm happy to hear you're doing well. The ice cream looks delicious, I'm sure you're having a lot of fun.

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Thank you miss fluff sleeve!

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That ice cream looks so good....I'm so hungry..

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That ice cream looks really delicious and um, congratulations on the adoption.

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It is!

Mr. England say word is wrong. Miss Fujiko say 'accompany'.

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I think so too Mr. Chopper. It looks delicious.

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That is a awesome ice cream thing.

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It really is. It makes me hungry just looking at it.