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Log: Because I can

Ipin stood in the final form of her kata, hands outstretched pulling through the fluid motions. It felt like being at home in Japan actually with all the cherry blossoms fluttering around, the soft sounds of some of the crew at the dive site a way off. It was really peaceful here though. Which was good because she was going to need to find that center to finish her report on time when this latest bazooka finally wore off. She must have finally found Lambo and punished him for the marker. It was hard to tell sometimes whens he came back. The first had been a nightmare of time jumping. She never knew where she'd end up and she couldn't do anything when she couldn't take more than a few steps before disappearing and reappearing somewhere else again. So it was nice to get in a full set of kata.

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Hong Kong had followed her fireworks to the Sakura Island. He landed on the shore and quickly took the opportunity to hide Arthur-Fu. There was no reason to call attention to a dragon so it would be best to keep him hidden until he was needed.

He found Ipin doing a kata among the falling sakura. He could get her attention, but that would require actual saying something. Instead, he decided to wait for her to discover his presence.

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She heard him before she saw him although he was relatively quiet. It was just such a quiet place it only took the rustle of fabric to hear someone coming. She finished the last form and took a deep breath before turning to Hong Kong and smiling at him. "You made it here safe. I brought a few more fireworks in case you got lost." she gestured to a few stacked to the side under one of the trees. The moon was bright so it was easy to see even with the shadows of the trees.

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"I didn't get lost," he replied, his expression unchanging. He held a firework in his own hand, having brought it just in case he had gotten lost.

"Did you finish?"

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She stretched her arms above her head and glanced back at the ship to see if Lambo would return or if he'd fallen into one of Giselle's lasagnas. She let her arms fall back to her sides and nodded. "I see that. You've got a good sense of direction."

She nodded. "I went through the last three forms. Just to relax, you know. It's really nice here. Quiet." She tilted her head a little. "It's nice to see you again."

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"I followed the trail of smoke," he said, pointing up into the sky to show the poof of smoke that the fireworks had left behind.

He nodded when she talked about forms. He was interested in what she said about them since, after all, he WAS the birthplace of Jackie Chan.

"You too," he said. "And you're older too."

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She could actually see a bit of the smoke still. "You've got a good eye." She responded, impressed.

She laughed. "Yeah, it's hard to predict when that will happen. We were capricious children." She thought for a moment. "If you wanted to see my younger self I'm sure she'll be back sometime tonight."

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"That was Arthur-Fu's skill," he informed her. "He is a little grumpy tonight."

"I do not mind," he responded with a shrug. Honestly, he'd probably rather talk to her when she's older considering talking to a five-year-old never actually wields the best conversation in the world. "Time travel?"

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"Oh! Oh yes your dragon!" She looked around. "Grumpy?" She looked a little disappointed that she couldn't see him.

"Yeah, it's a little confusing but I guess it's nice to be able to see everyone I remember from my childhood. And sometime even people in my future."

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"Yes," he answered. "It has been hard to get food for him." He replied thinking back to his conversation with England. He still didn't know what dragons ate and Hong Kong did not want to anger England and feed the dragon a unicorn.

"You are from China?" he asked. "Did China invent time travel?"

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"That's a shame. How can he not like them? It should only hurt his head if he's been drinking too much." She looked like she wanted to say more and it was pretty obvious what from the disapproving look on her face but she held off for now.

She reached forward and laughed a little. "I'm not that skinny." Her fingers gripped the edge, a little of the charring dropping away. "Maybe as a hair ribbon... or napkin."

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He responded to her first comment with a questioning look that was on the level of questioningness that Hong Kong could achieve. "He still scolds me."

"It would be a unique hair ribbon."

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"I'm sorry he scolds you." She replied. He was hard to read. MAybe you should warn him ahead of schedule so he doesn't drink the nights when you want to set them off?"

She looked at the scorched fabric thoughtfully. "Hmm." She held it up to him. "Do you want to keep it?" She smiled and gestured to his belt around her waist. "I've kept yours."
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"That takes half the fun out," Hong Kong replied, pointing his finger in the air matter-of-factly.

He looked down at the fabric she was holding, his finger still pointing into the air.

"I do not have enough hair for a hair ribbon," he took the fabric in his hand. "Do you want it?"

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Ipin covered her mouth because ok that was funny. "Well does the scolding also take out half the fun?"

She looked at it again. "Ahh... well... if you don't mind. Perhaps I can find something else to give you." She felt for pockets but these clothes didn't have them.

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"Only until I get punished," he said. "But I am a rebel so it is not for long."

He held the piece of cloth out, waiting for her to take it. When she didn't, he stood to the side of her, reaching his arm to the side to tap her on the shoulder furthest from where he stood.

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"Oh yes the rebel thing." She thought if for no other reason, Lambo and Hong Kong could get along on thinking they were both such naughty guys. Although Lambo was much worse when he was younger. "It must make things exciting for you." She offered.

He moved around and tapped her opposite shoulder and she looked at him in complete bafflement. It took her a moment to understand he was trying to trick her into thinking someone else had come. Her lip twitched and then she laughed. He was strange, but it was a sweet sort of ... childlike strange. "It only works if I didn't notice you move." She pointed out, taking the fabric from him and pulling her braids over her shoulder to tie the fabric around the ends.

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"You have to make your own fun with England," he noticed that his 'trick' had failed entirely but wasn't too bothered by it.

"You saw me?" he asked. "I will have to be more ninja-like next time."

Hong Kong watched where she was tying the cloth. Without a word, he reached over and adjusted the knot, making it resemble a folded paper fan, spreading out at the bottom of her hair. With charred edges.

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Oh it was a relief to know he didn't find hers silly or her form bad. She grinned. "Ahh if you see my master tell him you think so." She proudly thought about her master hearing that from a country.

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"I do not know your master," he said, although quickly correcting himself so as not to ruin her high. "Does he live in Hong Kong? If he does, I will tell him."

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"He visits." She said cheerfully. "And he looks a little bit like you. His hair is longer though." She always felt nostalgic talking about her master.

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"Like me?" he brought a hand up, pointing right above his eyes. "The eyebrows?"

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She looked at his eyebrows curiously noticing for the first time they were a little bushy. "Well not exactly like you, but similar." She was thoughtful for a moment. "I suppose his eyebrows would probably be about halfway between yours and mine." Now that she thought about it, he probably looked like him because of the way he dressed and the fact that he was Chinese more than anything else. Hibari was the closest in looks to her master. "You have a nicer expression though."

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Hong Kong hid both of his arms in his sleeves, looking slightly surprised.

"A nice expression," he repeated, fiddling with the insides of the sleeves. He face turned a very light shade of pink upon hearing this. "If my expression is nice, then your expression must be beautiful."

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She was still trying to determine what about him reminded her of her master, while he started fiddling with his sleeves. She blinked at his compliment. "Oh!" she beamed at him. "Thank you." She wasn't sure how that related but it was a very nice thing to say. Beautiful seemed like it belonged to someone else like Bianchi but it was nice to hear.

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He cleared his throat but did not react visibly in any other way.

"欢迎," he finally responded.