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I-pin ([personal profile] pinzutimebomb) wrote2009-03-16 12:57 am

LOG: Ipin and Lambo in the storage room with a bookshelf

WHO: Lambo and Ipin
WHAT: Ending all the drama
WHEN: Sunday night about two hours after Reborn leaves the ship (yes by god there's another log)
WHERE: Some storage room on the SDII

Yes, yes I have been logging a lot lately.

The past few days had not been very kind to Lambo. First there was basically getting his ass handed to him by Reborn after a failed assassination attempt that he honestly thought would've done the job which had left him with more bruises than he was used to. Not to mention that annoying limp that prevented him from walking with his usual Lambo swagger. Then there was the brief, but lifetime traumatizing encounter with Jyabura & Fujiko. And now, his girlfriend was making out with his second mortal enemy behind his back. Okay, it wasn't making out but in his dramatic mindset it's what he kept picturing in his mind. The situation had since been explained to him, he knew it was nothing, however, the fact still remained that one of two guys he truly despised had laid lips on the girlfriend it took him forever to work the nerve to get. For a better part of the evening he had been running from Fujiko and her enthusiastic efforts to fix things between the two teenagers but he wasn't in the mood to talk. For now he was sitting safely behind a shelf on the lowest deck of the sub, in some random room that no one had entered for awhile as the dust on everything indicated.

Ipin had made her way slowly and methodically through the first two levels of the ship after her meeting with Reborn, she was actually being rather quiet about it this time. Firstly because she didn't want to deal with anyone else and secondly because she was actually kind of afraid Lambo would take flight at the faintest whisper out of her. She closed another door down on the lowest level and wiped dust from her cheeks, leaning against the next door for a moment before crossing her fingers and opening it up. She flipped on a switch and watched as the lights above flickered to life with a soft buzz.

Damn. Someone had opened the door. He had been found, and by who he wasn't sure. Actually, he had an idea because Fujiko wasn't one known for being quiet, ever. And truth be told there'd only be one other person bothering to look for him. As the lights buzzed on, he stayed where he was, doing his best to keep from making a single noise as he stayed hidden behind the shelf near the back wall. Maybe she would just glance around from the door and not further investigate? Resting his chin on his knees, he closed his eyes, willing her to close the door and keep looking elsewhere.

She shut the door behind her and moved into the room, feet barely making any noise on the ground as she moved to the closet first, opening the door and looking inside. It was empty, completely not even boxes. She shut the door and moved to some of the sets of shelves that had old magazines and books on them. She moved between aisle, checking the bigger spaces and bumping the last one sending a shower of dust onto her head. She scrunched her eyes shut and held her breath but she could already feel the tickle coming on. Three seconds later she sneezed and shook her hair which was now almost white from the dust. Maybe she'd clean down here next week.

As she moved further into the room, he could hear her moving from aisle to aisle, and was hoping that she'd turned around sooner rather than later. She must be really anxious to talk to him if she had bothered to come this far down. And he imagined she would've had to check all the levels above this. It's not like this was a place one would just automatically start off with. When he felt dust falling down from the top of shelf, why'd she have to bump the one he was behind?, he ducked his head into his lap to avoid getting it in his noise. A sneezing fit would've given away his position. Only, he did that all on his own when he heard her sneeze a few seconds later and let out a "Salute!" Shit. Damn those good Italian manners of his.

Her head snapped up at his voice and she sniffled a little patting dust away from her nose. "Lambo?" She asked tentatively, she came around the final shelf and looked down at him, waiting to see if he'd try to bolt. Or refuse to talk... or whatever he was going to do.

He glanced up at her only to look away a few seconds later. Running out wasn't an option because she always caught him. Not even adding in the fact that he still recovering from the injuries Reborn inflicted on him and she was currently blocking his path. Well, if he couldn't run away, he could keep his mouth shut. And that was what he planned to do .

Ipin watched him look at her then look away. She batted at her shirt, sending dust flying again and then plopped down directly in front of him, Indian style looking up and tentatively reaching for his hand. Not to hold it, just to touch. She half expected him to yank it away from her.

His hand stayed where it was, but so did the rest of him. Lips in a firm line, eyes staring down at the floor. Which was better than nothing, right? If this had happened a few months ago he would've at least scooted back.

She felt like he wasn't even there with her. Even with her hand settled on top of his, her eyes trained on him. She swallowed heavily. "Lambo?" She repeated his name and it may have come out sounding a little plaintive that time.

He slightly raised an eyebrow, the only indication that he had heard her.

She released his hand and settled her own in her lap. She really kind of wanted to break Fujiko's spine. "I know you're upset with me. I'm... I'm sorry."

He frowned a little as her hand moved, staying silent for a few moments before looking over to her, "I'm not upset with you. You didn't do anything wrong, I know that, but it doesn't make it suck any less."

She looked up at him again, finally making eye contact. "It really was nothing at all." She tried. But fell silent. Nothing she'd say would make it sound any better. "I think of him as a brother."

His frown turned into a scowl at the thought of that stupid Gokudera. Definitely a direction not wisely taken. "He's an idiot. Stupid allocco."

She leaned into his personal space, frowning, looking really worried. "It was an accident." She repeated. "It wasn't anyone's fault."

He leaned back away from her, shaking his head a bit, "It was his fault. That pezzo di merda. Why do you even bother with him anyway?" Lambo was never one to even attempt to dictate who people could talk to and hang out with but sometimes he wished he could. He was pretty sure none of this would have upset him so much if it had been anyone besides Gokudera. Then there was Fujiko trying to fix it but that was a completely different tangent.

Ipin slouched a little, looking back at her hands. "Gokudera's a good person, Lambo. You two just don't get along so you never get to see it. And he needed a friend." She picked at a nail she'd already bitten to the quick.

"Does he kiss every friend he has too? Not that he has many. I can't see why anyone would willingly want to spend time with him." The scowl was still present on his features. Stupid stupid dynamite man. Always ruining Lambo's life.

"Of course not." She responded. "He wasn't even really kissing me. In his head I was someone else." She looked at him sadly.

"....whatever. He's still an idiot."

Ipin felt dirty and tired and didn't know how to make Lambo feel better, her chest tightened a little. She reached up to touch his cheek, "Lambo."

He had debated pulling back as he saw her hand coming towards him but he had told her earlier that he wasn't mad at her. It was about time he started acting like it. Leaning into her hand, he let out a small sigh, "I'm sorry. It's just frustrating. I know it was an accident, and I know, even as much as I hate to admit it because he's still very much an idiot, that it was an accident...but it still bothers me. It all just bothers me. How I found out about it, who it was, Fujiko chasing me around the whole ship trying to fix things because even though you'd think that she would've learned when to butt out of things, she apparently hasn't. And, I'm not dumb, you know? I get it. I got that it meant nothing. I got that it was an accident. I don't always need people telling me what to do or yelling at me just because sometimes I choose to leave things be. I was going to talk to you soon...I didn't need to be forced into it and chased out of my room. A kiss is a kiss. It's gonna bother me regardless, accident or not. I'm allowed a little sulking and thinking time to get over it I think..."

She ran her fingers along his cheek leaving a streak of dust. "I'm sorry. " If she was being honest, she'd probably never have told him. Gokudera was GAY after all, it wasn't even close to cheating so it wasn't worth making him feel like this over it. "I ... didn't expect her to try to fix things quite so drastically." She sighed and leaned her forehead on his chest, her hand dropping down to the curve where his neck connected to his shoulder. "I can leave you alone if you need time." She said quietly.

Reaching a hand up, he attempted to brush some of the dust out of her hair, his nose scrunching up as it drifted upwards, "Stay."

She sat up again, looking at him steadily. Trying to see if he really meant it or if he was saying it only because he didn't think she wanted to leave. "Are you sure?" She asked after a moment.

"Yeah," he gave her a small grin, leaning his forehead against hers. "You can hold off Fujiko while I run if she finds us." He was kidding but that just seemed like a joke too good to pass up at the time.

Ipin laughed, mostly out of relief he could joke. "I don't really feel like talking to her right now either." She admitted. She finally got a good look at him. It was the first time since the fight with Varia. "Oh... wow, are you ok?"

"Huh? I jus-...oh" It took him a moment to realize what she was talking about. Things around the sub had been so crazy lately that it was just now dawning on him that this was just about the first time they'd been together since Reborn had brutally kicked his ass. "I'm f-fine! It doesn't hurt as much anymore. My leg does a little because of all the running but Fran gave me really good pain killers."

Her fingers lifted again and gently touched the skin right below a bruise around his eye. "Ouch, you must have given a good fight. Thanks for getting in there, I wasn't sure you'd want to."

He flinched a little at the contact, letting out a nervous laugh. " problem." As long as she didn't ask who he had fought, this wouldn't be so bad.

Ipin didn't really have the energy or drive tonight to press him for details. She was content to know he'd fought during the exercise. Might even be interested in training more now. Who knew. She smiled at him, in something akin to adoration.

This is why Ipin was his favorite. She knew when to push and when to drop things. Now whether it was because she knew how to read him or whether it was just personal reasons of her own, he never knew but he wasn't complaining. Returning her smile, he lifted a hand up, brushing a few dust covered strands behind her ear before cupping her cheek.

She really must look pretty ratty by now. She'd been crawling in crawlspaces, shifting through dusty boxes, she was covered in grime and her hair was coming out every which way. So it didn't surprise her there was enough to tuck behind an ear. But despite all that he was still touching her gently. She tilted her face against his hand and touched it with her own fingers.

Ratty or not, Ipin was still clearly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. His thumb ran over her cheek softly and before his flail-y side could take over to change his mind, he leaned forward, pressing his lips lightly against hers. It was hardly fair that Gokudera had gotten to kiss her some place other than her cheeks, among other things. But it was mostly due to the fact that he just felt like it.

It felt almost natural. She leaned up as he leaned down, and then he was kissing her and she closed her eyes just enjoying the softness of his lips, her heart beat faster and her hand settled again against his neck, just gently touching him. All she could taste was dust but it was wonderful anyway.

His eyes fell shut as he happily leaned into her, applying a little more pressure to the kiss as his hand moved back to cradle her neck. All the dust was an after thought. And it felt like somehow her lips were made to be against his. He made a mental note to never announce that out loud because not only was it cheesy but it was definitely lame.

Ipin felt like she could stay like that for hours and be happy. Just this simple kiss, lips against lips. She wasn't concerned about what to do next, about how to adjust, make it more interesting. She sighed against his lips in contentment.

And so they kissed and kissed. Both completely satisfied with the fact that neither one felt the need to do anymore than let their lips meet. Eventually, Lambo pulled back, his forehead resting lightly against her as he got his breathing back to normal, "Panda...I'm hungry"

She slowly opened her eyes as his voice registered. Her expression was torn between amusement and exasperation. "Do you have a hollow leg or something?" She asked repeating something Tsuna's mother had said on occasion. "I have leftover ramen in the refrigerator if you want some."

Confused, he furrowed his brows, leaning back a bit to shake his head, "No? Fran said the gash would go away without even leaving a scar." Clearly, he had never understood Maman when that expression came up in conversation. "Ramen sounds good." After pressing a quick kiss to her lips because he honestly wasn't all too pleased his stomach had decided to intervene, he stood and held a hand out to her.

She smiled in a pleasantly pleased way as he felt the need to peck her lips again and then took his hand to stand up. She had no idea what a gash in he leg had to do with it being hollow but she could at least heat up some ramen for him before she went to take a shower.

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