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So it would seem I'm captain of the SDC for this week! I hope you'll all do your best to help me out! I have a meeting planned for tomorrow with both the SDC and Vongola crews please attend. It's during dinner anyway so I don't think it should be a problem!

We have visitors this week, it seems. Mr. Ryouga and Mr. Ianto. I know you're guests but while you're here I'd really appreciate it if you can lend a hand when needed, I've given you duties. Please let me know if you have any questions! Mr. Ianto has requested we stay near this island for another day and I can work that into our schedule.

I spent some time on this last week, here's the crew positions during my week as captain.

Captain - Ipin
1st Mate - Lambo
Bosun - Jyabura
Navigator - Killua
Mechanics - Killua and Gon
Cook - Giselle
Assistant to the cook - Akito
Deckhands - Poland, Lithuania, America, Ryoga
Cabin boy until he leaves - Ianto
Spirit Guard: Mashiro
Weapons expert - America, Fujiko (when she's around)
First Defense - America's Battleship
Combat: Ipin, Lambo, Killua, Gon, Jyabura, Agito, America
Back up combat: Mashiro, Ianto, Fujiko, Ryoga
Defense of non-combat ships: Poland, Lithuania

I don't know how often I'll be switching back to my five year old self but if someone could make sure to get Lambo to shoot me when that happens? I'd really appreciate it! I've set things up at home so that a week away will not cause any difficulties.

Mr. Killua, I've sent a gps location to you, I hope to rendezvous on Tuesday, to pillage some extra funds.

I think that's it, I will do my best as your Captain!
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Figlio di puttana. Ho fatto una vera cagata. E’ stato un casino. Che noia.
Mi andrebbe una bella ciotola di pollastro e pasta stasera

We're out of grapes. And I...would really like to have my own body back soon.

[ooc: have a highly annoyed and frustrated Lambo cussing in Italian 'cause not as many people will understand him. translation
Son of a bitch. I did something really stupid. It was a huge mess. What a pain.
I'd really like a good bowl of chicken and pasta tonight. ]
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Who: 25 year old Ipin and 15 year old Lambo (with a cameo of him at 25)
What: Dinner and entertainment
When: Happening concurrently with this thread 10 years later on Valentine's Day.
Where: A nice out of the way restaurant in Italy.

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Ipin has create these everybody, and Miss Giselle has helped her! Ipin hoped that everybody today is happy!

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Mr. Dino, Mr. Jyabura and rest Mr. Romario and all help Ipin to decorate the Moon new year! Thanked helps Ipin to clean the ship last week. She works very diligently. Miss Tohru and Mr. Killua helps the Ipin chef's wonderful meals!! Mr. though killua does not like the fish. He continues to yell about theirs eye. Ipin did not understand. Ipin wishes her to have the firecracker, but Mr. Gon said that they are dangerous in the submarine. Ipin not new upper and lower garments, but she very good has washed her old part.

Ipin wishes everybody body in the new year to be good and to be happy! Lambo, it is ox's year!

Who whether found Mr. Kuro? He in sea fluctuation.
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Who: Lambo, Ipin + some of Dino's men
What: Grapes in the kitchen
Where: The kitchen and Galley level of the Sweet Death II
When: Friday Jan. 23 2009
Rating: G

Lambo: Fight-or-flight (100% flight) )
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Mr. Jyabura? What rapes is meaning?
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Ipin finds the wheel, and drive the boat!! It adopts her very long to have the big chair at wheel!
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Give me back control of my computer!! I SEE YOU TAKING MY MOUSE AWAY! Goddamn it!! I'm going to break your fucking door down and beat you senseless I don't want to see all your porn preferences!
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I see it hasn't been fixed.
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Since I've been stuck here for so long I decided to make use of the time and enter the contest. I don't know how long I'll be here so I tried to work quickly. I apologize if it made my recipe a little rushed, Mr. Kuroyanagi. Anyway, I've used acorn flour so that they will last long for very long voyages as well as putting a bit of the sea (salt water) in the recipie both to keep the theme of the ocean in mind. I hope it's good enough for your contest!

Mr. Bel, I've set aside some cookies, you can have some when you come to look for your knives.

Lambo, I found your bouncy ball, luckily before I started cooking since you somehow got it into the oven and under the heating coil. You should stay out of the oven, someone could bake you by accident!

Jyabura, I didn't know if you'd like chocolate chip, but I set some aside for you as well.

EDIT: Mr Gon took a picture.
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Jyabura! Ipin has not requested, but she did tell his majesty us to gather him, therefore he possibly baked with Ipin snickerdoodles! Ipin told he to tell him location the email to Mr. Lucci. Ipin is the regret for does not request politely, but possibly we please let us meet him!

Ipin must the present obtain the computer, because it is through hers going to bed time, and Mr. Kuro said that it will cause her eyesight to be worse! If her eyesight changes badly, perhaps Ipin cannot see at all!

Edition: Mr. gon? Is possibly we pick up his majesty?


Nov. 21st, 2008 04:04 pm
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The unprincipled person comes for us! They continue to approach, and Ipin kicks, but they continue to approach!! Ipin does not want to be stab with the big sword!! The warning continues to make a sound the ghost then to come and the human, does not have a specific use!!

It is fearful, and it will not stop! Mr. jyabura where? Claire Mr.? Ipin did not think that she may defeat alone these enemies!

Lambo in where you? Human who has the cone in his head whether to have stabbed you? LAMBO!!
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Ipin, wearing a t-shirt that was obviously too large for her and looking decidedly determined, was sprawled out on a large piece of paper gleefully sloshing green paint across it. She made another quick swipe and then happily wiped the green off on her shirt before dunking her hands into orange. It had been Tohru who had provided the current entertainment. At the request of a few other crew members who were tired of tripping over small bodies chasing one another in the hallways. "Look Lambo! Ipin makes garden!" She proudly handprinted in flowers that looked more like gushy blobs than anything else.


Nov. 5th, 2008 09:30 pm
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... can someone possibly bring a towel to the galley?

Yay cake!

Nov. 3rd, 2008 09:26 pm
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Ipin and Lambo have been Mr. Jyaburas a birthday cake! Mr. Richard has helped us! It is truly the pleasure!!

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Who: Lambo and Ipin
What: Lambo claims illness
When: October 25 (Saturday)
Where: Lambo's room (the one by the drier)
Rating: PG

Saving your friends list one cut at a time. )
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Ipin tries completed Mr. Claire to give all duties. She is the first mate! Mr. yumichika is also the first mate. whether Mr. yumichika is the second first mate or first? Ipin did not understand, but Jyabura said that the position is very important. Claire Mr. has given Ipin and Miss Tohru the clothing clothing. Miss tohru cooks and the help and laundry Ipin.

Claire Mr. has brought back to our bubble bath, and Lambo has made the fuzzy white beard and a Pyramid in his head. Ipin is wanting Miss Shadow with ours bath to come and the use, but she hides. Miss Shadow though will give regards! Ipin will help Miss Tohru to make the cake, and Miss Shadow can join us in the cake day.

Ipin requested that Jyabura is one duck with she in Halloween. Mr. kaku said that perhaps has the enough time to make the clothing, if Jyabura starts now. Why is Mr. Kasanoda's always the face is so red? Ipin is anxious he to have the bad circulation. Sometimes occurred has hypertension Mr. Oishi to say.
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So far we are on schedule. I expect a new target within 16 hours Gon and Killua. The helicopter appears to be in working order so you'll have little else to do.

I hope we are keeping you busy, Mr. Yumichika, I would like a report tomorrow by lunch.

Mr. Clair, I'm leaving you in charge of laundry as you appear to revel in the mess. I won't have the ship smelling any more of rotting flesh than possible, taking Richard into consideration.

Mr. Eriol please begin repairs first thing in the morning after meditation and breakfast.

Tohru, we appear to have aquired a nice sized ham, I think it would be nice if we had a celebratory dinner tomorrow night.

Mr. Oishi, assuming you've tended to all your fellow crew's wounds, I expect you on deck in twenty minutes for your punishment. Do not be late, you would not be happy if you were.

If anyone happens to see a tiny yellow girl in a tiny boat floating nearby you have permission to sink her vessel. I highly doubt she could manuver it out of a harbor but on the off chance she becomes very lucky, you know what to do.


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