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Ipin misses Tsuna in the old ship and everybody, but met the new boat many new and the kind person. Mr. sometimes killua, Mr. Gon and Mr. Claire, practices with Ipin the morning. Ipin doesn' t knew why Mr. Gon and Mr. Killua did ponder, but it relaxes, therefore Ipin is also. how does Miss sometimes tohru make the unusual delicacy food and teaches Ipin to do! Ipin also obtains meets Mr. Jyabura! He is very big! Ipin meets him happily! Mr. lucci with could not find him, in her her journal Ipin only to talk, but he has not obtained one along with Mr. Jyabura.

Mr. eriol adopted last week in the shore Ipin exploration, but had many unprincipled people, and Ipin must fight for several days with to obtain tiredly. When she boards the boat, Mr. Oishi has helped fixed Ipin. Lambo was also captain! But is not captain now, and he is bad and the sob. But Ipin can play with Lambo many competitions even sees the big sparkle in us the monster and tumbling nightfall dark in small boat! When he hugs the control panel, Ipin never sees the Lambo spark hugely. Mr. killua has also sent the spark. Mr. Gon sometimes acts as with Ipin and the Lambo in sails! It is the pleasure! Mr. firo starts the baseball game, and Ipin will count his score. Mr. jacuzzi likes playing plays hide-and-seek! Ipin did not know why he does sob, when he does, but liked finding him! Radish monster too in here, but he uses with other boats, he lets Ipin throw the finger in the boat, but Ipin isn' t excels in throws.

Bye bye journals!!


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