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Ipin found Mr. Lucky! He continues to run away, and Ipin is impossible his signature which causes him to give him to want her to discover the protein soft sugar. She discovered that the heart and the chair follow her now! It is astonishing! Ipin obtains the pleasure, except badly dog filches from coconut tree crispies takes the Ipin heart she to the present let it return! Ipin also discovered that the chest uses the cookie. But Ipin does not have the time to attempt them, she will preserve it later! They request her to eat! Surprised!!
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Who Ipin and Gokudera
What Gokudera opens the gift he got for Lambo and gets a massage lesson
When Friday night
Where SDC Ipin's room
Rating A for aaaaahhhh (G yo)

Nnoont mehmph mm. )
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Lambo? I think someone mistook my room for yours, there's ... I think it's a gift, for you. Maybe they ran out of balloons because there's pink gloves instead and it's in a cowprint bag. Let me know where you are so I can give it to you?

Thank you for the movie night last night, Jyabura and Miss Fujiko. And Toboe for letting me snuggle! You're so warm and furry!

Are all the ants gone from the other boat?
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Who has Ipin's kung fu? She misses it. Asks Ipin to be able to return to it?
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Who: Reborn and francified!Ipin
What: Ipin lays yet another trap
Where: Ipin's room SDII
When: Tuesday night
Rating: PG13 (because it's frigging France)

Uh... don't kill me Dani )
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Mr. England is not mad! He have adopted Ipin, and nearby port and took she and Mr. Hong Kong shopping. He is the unusual pleasure! And he has bought Ipin, and Hong Kong gentleman Ices Cream and no one to insult cannot share with Ipin, and nobody has adopted her cookie! And her face no longer is the multi-spots!

Here is she ices cream!
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Ipin stood in the final form of her kata, hands outstretched pulling through the fluid motions. It felt like being at home in Japan actually with all the cherry blossoms fluttering around, the soft sounds of some of the crew at the dive site a way off. It was really peaceful here though. Which was good because she was going to need to find that center to finish her report on time when this latest bazooka finally wore off. She must have finally found Lambo and punished him for the marker. It was hard to tell sometimes whens he came back. The first had been a nightmare of time jumping. She never knew where she'd end up and she couldn't do anything when she couldn't take more than a few steps before disappearing and reappearing somewhere else again. So it was nice to get in a full set of kata.
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WHO: Lambo and Ipin
WHAT: Ending all the drama
WHEN: Sunday night about two hours after Reborn leaves the ship (yes by god there's another log)
WHERE: Some storage room on the SDII

Yes, yes I have been logging a lot lately.

Dust yourself off, pick yourself up )

Log time!

Mar. 14th, 2009 08:16 pm
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Who Giselle and Ipin
What Making stew
When Next week sometime.
Where The kitchen in the galley on the Sweet Death submarine.

( Fake cut to the musical dancing mice )
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Mr. Dino, Mr. Jyabura and rest Mr. Romario and all help Ipin to decorate the Moon new year! Thanked helps Ipin to clean the ship last week. She works very diligently. Miss Tohru and Mr. Killua helps the Ipin chef's wonderful meals!! Mr. though killua does not like the fish. He continues to yell about theirs eye. Ipin did not understand. Ipin wishes her to have the firecracker, but Mr. Gon said that they are dangerous in the submarine. Ipin not new upper and lower garments, but she very good has washed her old part.

Ipin wishes everybody body in the new year to be good and to be happy! Lambo, it is ox's year!

Who whether found Mr. Kuro? He in sea fluctuation.
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Ipin misses Tsuna in the old ship and everybody, but met the new boat many new and the kind person. Mr. sometimes killua, Mr. Gon and Mr. Claire, practices with Ipin the morning. Ipin doesn' t knew why Mr. Gon and Mr. Killua did ponder, but it relaxes, therefore Ipin is also. how does Miss sometimes tohru make the unusual delicacy food and teaches Ipin to do! Ipin also obtains meets Mr. Jyabura! He is very big! Ipin meets him happily! Mr. lucci with could not find him, in her her journal Ipin only to talk, but he has not obtained one along with Mr. Jyabura.

Mr. eriol adopted last week in the shore Ipin exploration, but had many unprincipled people, and Ipin must fight for several days with to obtain tiredly. When she boards the boat, Mr. Oishi has helped fixed Ipin. Lambo was also captain! But is not captain now, and he is bad and the sob. But Ipin can play with Lambo many competitions even sees the big sparkle in us the monster and tumbling nightfall dark in small boat! When he hugs the control panel, Ipin never sees the Lambo spark hugely. Mr. killua has also sent the spark. Mr. Gon sometimes acts as with Ipin and the Lambo in sails! It is the pleasure! Mr. firo starts the baseball game, and Ipin will count his score. Mr. jacuzzi likes playing plays hide-and-seek! Ipin did not know why he does sob, when he does, but liked finding him! Radish monster too in here, but he uses with other boats, he lets Ipin throw the finger in the boat, but Ipin isn' t excels in throws.

Bye bye journals!!


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