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Who Ipin and Gokudera
What Gokudera opens the gift he got for Lambo and gets a massage lesson
When Friday night
Where SDC Ipin's room
Rating A for aaaaahhhh (G yo)

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Who: Reborn and francified!Ipin
What: Ipin lays yet another trap
Where: Ipin's room SDII
When: Tuesday night
Rating: PG13 (because it's frigging France)

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Open Log

Apr. 21st, 2009 12:57 am
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Who: Fujiko, Ipin, ??
What: Monopoly
When: Uh... Monday night
Where: Hallway and rec room on the SDC

Ipin sat a little moodily in the middle of Jyabura's bed, she felt uncomfortable. Clearly less flexible than before on top of being unable to walk ten steps without stumbling over absolutely nothing. She sighed and looked at one of the squished crayons. The thumb imprint was definitely her younger self, it was really small. She didn't want to touch it for fear of actually grinding it into the bedspread or soemthing. And she was bored.

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WHO: Lambo and Ipin
WHAT: Ending all the drama
WHEN: Sunday night about two hours after Reborn leaves the ship (yes by god there's another log)
WHERE: Some storage room on the SDII

Yes, yes I have been logging a lot lately.

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Log time!

Mar. 14th, 2009 08:16 pm
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Who Giselle and Ipin
What Making stew
When Next week sometime.
Where The kitchen in the galley on the Sweet Death submarine.

( Fake cut to the musical dancing mice )
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Who: 25 year old Ipin and 15 year old Lambo (with a cameo of him at 25)
What: Dinner and entertainment
When: Happening concurrently with this thread 10 years later on Valentine's Day.
Where: A nice out of the way restaurant in Italy.

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Who: Lambo, Ipin + some of Dino's men
What: Grapes in the kitchen
Where: The kitchen and Galley level of the Sweet Death II
When: Friday Jan. 23 2009
Rating: G

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Ipin, wearing a t-shirt that was obviously too large for her and looking decidedly determined, was sprawled out on a large piece of paper gleefully sloshing green paint across it. She made another quick swipe and then happily wiped the green off on her shirt before dunking her hands into orange. It had been Tohru who had provided the current entertainment. At the request of a few other crew members who were tired of tripping over small bodies chasing one another in the hallways. "Look Lambo! Ipin makes garden!" She proudly handprinted in flowers that looked more like gushy blobs than anything else.
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Who: Lambo and Ipin
What: Lambo claims illness
When: October 25 (Saturday)
Where: Lambo's room (the one by the drier)
Rating: PG

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