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Apr. 21st, 2009 12:57 am
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Who: Fujiko, Ipin, ??
What: Monopoly
When: Uh... Monday night
Where: Hallway and rec room on the SDC

Ipin sat a little moodily in the middle of Jyabura's bed, she felt uncomfortable. Clearly less flexible than before on top of being unable to walk ten steps without stumbling over absolutely nothing. She sighed and looked at one of the squished crayons. The thumb imprint was definitely her younger self, it was really small. She didn't want to touch it for fear of actually grinding it into the bedspread or soemthing. And she was bored.

Cut to save your friends page )
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So it would seem I'm captain of the SDC for this week! I hope you'll all do your best to help me out! I have a meeting planned for tomorrow with both the SDC and Vongola crews please attend. It's during dinner anyway so I don't think it should be a problem!

We have visitors this week, it seems. Mr. Ryouga and Mr. Ianto. I know you're guests but while you're here I'd really appreciate it if you can lend a hand when needed, I've given you duties. Please let me know if you have any questions! Mr. Ianto has requested we stay near this island for another day and I can work that into our schedule.

I spent some time on this last week, here's the crew positions during my week as captain.

Captain - Ipin
1st Mate - Lambo
Bosun - Jyabura
Navigator - Killua
Mechanics - Killua and Gon
Cook - Giselle
Assistant to the cook - Akito
Deckhands - Poland, Lithuania, America, Ryoga
Cabin boy until he leaves - Ianto
Spirit Guard: Mashiro
Weapons expert - America, Fujiko (when she's around)
First Defense - America's Battleship
Combat: Ipin, Lambo, Killua, Gon, Jyabura, Agito, America
Back up combat: Mashiro, Ianto, Fujiko, Ryoga
Defense of non-combat ships: Poland, Lithuania

I don't know how often I'll be switching back to my five year old self but if someone could make sure to get Lambo to shoot me when that happens? I'd really appreciate it! I've set things up at home so that a week away will not cause any difficulties.

Mr. Killua, I've sent a gps location to you, I hope to rendezvous on Tuesday, to pillage some extra funds.

I think that's it, I will do my best as your Captain!
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So far we are on schedule. I expect a new target within 16 hours Gon and Killua. The helicopter appears to be in working order so you'll have little else to do.

I hope we are keeping you busy, Mr. Yumichika, I would like a report tomorrow by lunch.

Mr. Clair, I'm leaving you in charge of laundry as you appear to revel in the mess. I won't have the ship smelling any more of rotting flesh than possible, taking Richard into consideration.

Mr. Eriol please begin repairs first thing in the morning after meditation and breakfast.

Tohru, we appear to have aquired a nice sized ham, I think it would be nice if we had a celebratory dinner tomorrow night.

Mr. Oishi, assuming you've tended to all your fellow crew's wounds, I expect you on deck in twenty minutes for your punishment. Do not be late, you would not be happy if you were.

If anyone happens to see a tiny yellow girl in a tiny boat floating nearby you have permission to sink her vessel. I highly doubt she could manuver it out of a harbor but on the off chance she becomes very lucky, you know what to do.
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Ipin misses Tsuna in the old ship and everybody, but met the new boat many new and the kind person. Mr. sometimes killua, Mr. Gon and Mr. Claire, practices with Ipin the morning. Ipin doesn' t knew why Mr. Gon and Mr. Killua did ponder, but it relaxes, therefore Ipin is also. how does Miss sometimes tohru make the unusual delicacy food and teaches Ipin to do! Ipin also obtains meets Mr. Jyabura! He is very big! Ipin meets him happily! Mr. lucci with could not find him, in her her journal Ipin only to talk, but he has not obtained one along with Mr. Jyabura.

Mr. eriol adopted last week in the shore Ipin exploration, but had many unprincipled people, and Ipin must fight for several days with to obtain tiredly. When she boards the boat, Mr. Oishi has helped fixed Ipin. Lambo was also captain! But is not captain now, and he is bad and the sob. But Ipin can play with Lambo many competitions even sees the big sparkle in us the monster and tumbling nightfall dark in small boat! When he hugs the control panel, Ipin never sees the Lambo spark hugely. Mr. killua has also sent the spark. Mr. Gon sometimes acts as with Ipin and the Lambo in sails! It is the pleasure! Mr. firo starts the baseball game, and Ipin will count his score. Mr. jacuzzi likes playing plays hide-and-seek! Ipin did not know why he does sob, when he does, but liked finding him! Radish monster too in here, but he uses with other boats, he lets Ipin throw the finger in the boat, but Ipin isn' t excels in throws.

Bye bye journals!!


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