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Good Job SDC

So far we are on schedule. I expect a new target within 16 hours Gon and Killua. The helicopter appears to be in working order so you'll have little else to do.

I hope we are keeping you busy, Mr. Yumichika, I would like a report tomorrow by lunch.

Mr. Clair, I'm leaving you in charge of laundry as you appear to revel in the mess. I won't have the ship smelling any more of rotting flesh than possible, taking Richard into consideration.

Mr. Eriol please begin repairs first thing in the morning after meditation and breakfast.

Tohru, we appear to have aquired a nice sized ham, I think it would be nice if we had a celebratory dinner tomorrow night.

Mr. Oishi, assuming you've tended to all your fellow crew's wounds, I expect you on deck in twenty minutes for your punishment. Do not be late, you would not be happy if you were.

If anyone happens to see a tiny yellow girl in a tiny boat floating nearby you have permission to sink her vessel. I highly doubt she could manuver it out of a harbor but on the off chance she becomes very lucky, you know what to do.

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If you guys sink Nunami's boat instead of helping her, we'll come after you next.

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I think you forefit rights to defense when you drop your crew off and leave them to fend for themselves, Mr. Luffy.

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She's not crew. She's not even a pirate. After I show you what happens to people who hurt my friends, you can decide if you really want to attack her.

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I understand you have other matters to attend to instead of sticking your nose into other people's arguments.

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Mr. Luffy, since it appears to have completely sailed over your head, I am teasing Miss Nanami. If the entire conversation escaped your notice she also informed me she planned to visit my ship to set it afire with a candle or disassemble it with a wrench. I don't believe she'll come anywher near our ship, and even if she did she would not be able to harm it. If you are going to run around trying to start wars with me over something as silly as an evening spent teasing a young lady, you really should read the entire conversation.

If you'd still like a fight though, by all means, halt your current plans for revenge and take a side trip. Our crew would welcome to exercise.

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Mm quite, but all the same... it's nice to have something to occupy my time. I'll be sure to bring it to you at that time, then.

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Good man. I can see that we will get along wonderfully.

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I should certainly hope so. Never thought I'd enjoy serving under anyone other than taichou, so this has been an interesting turn of events.

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Alright. I would love to make a wonderful meal to celebrate for the crew!

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Thank you for your hard work, Miss Tohru.

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What'd Oishi do?

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Can't I just fix something else instead?

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Gon, show a little drive. How are we going to beat the others if you're sulking in a corner?

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I just don't wanna attack the ships with my friends on them. Are Marines okay?

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Lambo-san is having enough trouble staying in one form. You may stay in my cabin if you'd like but you're still the cabin boy.

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Reparations are done, ma'am. I also modified the ship so we can travel a few miles faster. We do need to be quite more careful though, or else we will crash.

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Excellent. Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Eriol.

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It's always a pleasure, Captain.

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Well alright, I guess I need to start learning how to do that domestic stuff anyway, can't be a good husband if I don't split the chores~

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I'm sure your wife will appreciate the thought.

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Well of course, I'll be the world's best after all.