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Log: Ipin's sneaky

Who: Reborn and francified!Ipin
What: Ipin lays yet another trap
Where: Ipin's room SDII
When: Tuesday night
Rating: PG13 (because it's frigging France)

It really couldn't be said that Reborn rushed to the submarine, but it wasn't as though you could slow down teleportation either. He appeared in the hallway, very slightly off balance, having misjudged the distances and just barely managed to save himself from tripping into the wall. But he was in the corridor right outside Ipin's room, and he raised a hand to knock politely. "Ipin?"

Ipin was sitting on her bed, one foot dangling down and the other knee drawn up as though hurt. "Come in, Mr. Reborn, the door is open."

He opened the door and stepped in, stopping short when he saw Ipin on the bed. "Are you all right?" He asked with concern, stepping forward to sit on the side of the bed.

Ipin watched him walk in, looking as though she was caught between pain and appreciation. Mostly a battle in her own mind because he looked very nice, his suits were always cut so well. "Mmm I think so. All bruised but well..." She gestured to her foot and looked at Reborn falling quiet.

Reborn shifted onto the floor, kneeling up so that his face was level with Ipin's foot. "Usually you're fine with much greater injuries," he remarked neutrally - not accusing or condescending. "Do you think it's a side effect of what's been going on recently?" He took Ipin's foot into both hands and ran his fingers along the skin, gently at first before probing a bit more to check the bone and muscle. "It doesn't look like you've seriously injured anything. There's only a bruise here..."

Ipin licked her lips as Reborn touched her foot, breath catching in her throat. She leaned foward under the premise of looking at her foot as well. "I suppose my pain tolerance might be a little off." She said quietly, but she wasn't looking at her foot anymore. Her fingers stretched out and ran along Reborn's cheek. "You look very handsome in this form."

He shifted back very slightly, only to lean in further, as if trying to get a closer look. "So others have told me," he remarked lightly.

Her hand drifted down and she slid to the edge of the bed, fingers trailing along his neck now. "I see what Miss Bianchi sees in you." She said, her voice a little throatier. She'd read Mr. Squalo's list after all. He still held her foot so she could only go so far but she reached down for that hand with her other hand, moving to try to slide it up her calf.

"That's sometimes more than I can see myself," he kept his voice purposely light, but noticed her shifting. "Are you hurt elsewhere?" He asked, not quite looking into her eyes, his hands still stroking her foot gently.

Ipin made a soft sound of frustration at his lack of response. And his gentle caress on her foot only made her want to do more. She decided to take the bone he was throwing. "I think maybe... " She shifted uncomfortable and looked away faking shyness. "That is..." Her hand lifted again from his to her hip and she allowed her cheeks to warm.

He frowned now, and shifted back slightly on his knees, in preparation to standing up. "Do you hurt anywhere else?" He repeated, still concerned.

Ipin looked up at Reborn through her lashes and bit her lower lip, shifting. "Ummm well my hip.. I've been a little clumsy lately. It's embarassing."

"I see," he said. "I wonder why that is? You're usually very graceful." He stood up, towering over her somewhat. "Lie back," he whispered.

Ipin's eyes rose and she sucked in a breath of air. "Ahh.. yes. It's a little confusing for me as well." She said although clearly her mind was elsewhere by now, she found herself leaning back almost without thought. He had a dominating personality. Her eyes didn't leave his though and she looked expectantly at him. That pink still coloring her cheeks but for altogether different reasons.

Reborn ignored her blush, and his hand brushed over her hip, pressing gently to avoid putting pressure on bruised skin. "Tell me where it hurts." His voice is very slightly clinical almost distant, but still concerned, caring.

Ipin shifted at his touch, just enjoying it for a moment until he actually hit the bruised bone and she winced, her hip lifting a bit to get away from the pressure. "That's it. Ouch!" She used the moment of pain to reach up and grab at his tie, pulling it to drag him closer the other hand pressing against his chest.

Reborn just managed to suppress a gasp of surprise; this was almost completely unexpected, and Ipin was... "Sorry," he said lightly, "I didn't know it would hurt quite that much." He looked down pointedly at her grip on his tie. "Do you want me to take a closer look?"

She shook her head. "That's ok. I can handle a little pain." She smiled at him not loosening that grip at all. Now that she had a hold of him she nearly leered. "Much closer." She responded in what could only be termed a 'suggestive whisper'.

All right," Reborn said cautiously, still slightly off balance. He braced himself - one hand against the wall over the bed, and one brushing over Ipin's injured hip; he shifted her cheongsam up over the curve of her hip so that he could examine ... "This shouldn't be too difficult to fix..." And then, strangely enough, the bruise seemed to heal, shifting in color from dark bluish-purple to a lighter blue then briefly to the greenish-yellow of a nearly healed injury before it faded away entirely. As soon as the bruise disappeared, Reborn lost his balance, just barely catching himself from falling over onto Ipin, holding himself up by bracing against the wall. "Well," he murmured, "that was different."

Ipin decided Reborn's touch was definitely magic. She couldn't even feel the pain anymore as she looked up into his eyes, not even mildly embarassed about her bared hip. When he nearly lost his balance, Ipin tugged again at his tie, her left hand drifting lower on his chest. "I feel better already." She responded pleasantly, unaware he'd actually healed the bruised hip.

Reborn laughed, and who could tell that it was slightly shaky? "I'm glad." He didn't quite feel up to moving yet, as if healing had drained him somewhat. "I'd really thought my stamina was better than that," he said almost inaudibly, his eyes closed.

Ipin licked her lips as he closed his eyes and gave a good solid tug on that tie, trying to close the distance, she even heafted her upper body up a bit, hand sliding down to his abdomen now. "I can help you improve it." She wasn't even trying to hide it now.
Well, that got his attention, and he leans back, sliding the hand that was resting on her hip up her arm to gently disengage her hand from his tie. "It's really a matter of practice," he said almost dismissively. "Are you hurt anywhere else?"

Ipin pouted. Full blown and tried to grasp his hand as he pulled hers away from his tie. "I can't help you practice?" She asked plaintively, sitting up. She was bruised in a lot of places but he was pulling away emotionally like so many others had. She looked down at her hip, still bared inappropriately.

"You wouldn't get much out of me at the moment, I'm afraid," Reborn said, very slightly self-deprecating. He is still leaning against the wall, over Ipin, his gaze trailing over her appreciatively, but his attention is fixed on the completely healed bruise. Had it been there or had disappeared completely... "Are you sure you're not bruised anywhere else?"

"I have enough energy for both of us." She smiled a little. Her fingers tightened around his hand and pulled it toward her waist, just above her hip pressing it lightly against the indentation, gritting her teeth at a flare of pain where a piece of door had bounced off a wall and hit yesterday. "I'm bruised in a lot of places." She responded, not missing that gaze.

"Then you'll have to show me all of them," he said absently; his focus was elsewhere, running over what had just happened in his mind. He allowed Ipin to tug and direct his hand to her waist. This time, it was easier, somehow. The slightest touch of his fingers and then a bit of concentration and willpower (was that where he'd gone wrong before? Not being used to doing this, being caught off guard, putting too much effort into a relatively simple injury?) and he could almost feel her body knitting and healing under his fingertips...

Ipin sucked in a breath as she felt the muscle and capillaries heal under his touch. "Reborn." She breathed his name back out. No Mister in front this time. "I can show you everything." Her hand rose to pull at the first button on her Chenogsam with absolutely no hesitation at all. Then the second button...

Finally, Reborn was able to stand, getting his balance back, and put his hand over hers. "Leave it." His voice wasn't angry; in fact there was a hint of reluctance in his tone.

She paused with his hand on hers and looked up at him all earnestness and eagerness with that hint of lust that looked so out of place on her features at this age. "Reborn?"

"Let me try something else," he said, taking her hands in his and tugging her up so that she's sitting on the bed. Still holding her hands, he closed his eyes and concentrated, trying to see if he could make the healing generalized this time, rather than focusing on a specific injury. "There's a lot..." he whispered, but little by little, he managed to heal everything...

She was mildly frustrated at losing mobility in her hands but that was quickly replaced by a full body tingle that felt surprisingly delightful. "Oh my."

This time, he wasn't nearly as drained, but he had still put forth a lot of effort, and there was the cumulative effect to consider. He barely noticed that he'd still kept a hold of her hands as he leaned against the wall briefly to regain his energy.

"A bit tired," he said, caught off guard; he would never admit that to anyone usually. "But I'm fine," he said a bit hurriedly (he really was off guard...).

Ipin smiled, eyes narrowing with purpose, she rose to her feet and stepped closer to Reborn now, invading his space. "I hear kisses have healing properties. We could always experiment." He was much taller than she was and she had to look up to continue looking into his eyes. Her teeth flashed white as she smiled suggestively at him.

He brushed his hand under her chin, tilting it upward even more. Slowly, almost as if he wasn't sure what he was doing, he leaned downward to press a kiss against her lips.

Ipin was pleasantly compliant. She kissed back eagerly, and now that hand was free, glee! It settled against his waist enjoying the play of his muscle under her hand. Even if the kiss was somewhat chaste, she parted her lips hopefully.

If this were anyone else, the kiss would immediately have turned rather violent, his usual dominant personality coming to the forefront. But this was Ipin, and even if she wasn't in her right mind, even if she was asking for it...

Ipin was most definitely asking for it. No question at all. She made a soft sound in her throat that could be considered keening. Her tongue darted out to lick at Reborn's lips and the hand pressed against his waist slid along the waistband of his pants with purpose.

Reborn broke off the kiss and caught her hand, holding it in his own. "Ipin," he said, cautioning her, "this isn't a good idea."

The loss of warmth at her lips forced her eyes open and she frowned at the space lost toward a good vital region takeover when her hand was pulled away from his waist. She looked up at him, lips quirking into a devious grin. "Of course not, it's a fantastic idea." She tried to move closer despite his resistance. Luckily for him, and probably her, she wans't exactly in control of her movements. Where she might have actually stood a chance before she posessed none of the grace or knowledge of how easily one could shift someone else's balance. It was all youthful eagerness that kept her going now. "You could teach me so much."

"Do you know how tempting you're being, Ipin?" Reborn asked, outwardly calm, but considering Lambo's actions of earlier and the fact that his own guard was down, it was much harder than was usually the case, and his voice wavered slightly.

She tilted her head in something oddly reminiscient of her normal self, pure curiosity, before that grin was back. "Hopefully too tempting to resist." She tried to stand on tiptoe and catch his lips again or maybe even neck if she couldn't make it all the way up. "Why are you resisting?" It was almost a whine.

"Very tempting." He leaned down to kiss her, again keeping it perfectly chaste, affectionate rather than passionate. Again he breaks it off before it can go too far, and holds her immobile. "Because when this is all over," he said very seriously, "I want you to still be able to look me in the eye, Ipin."

The next time his lips met hers it was pleasantly warm but quickly over. Ipin was starting to sense a trend here. A pat on the head and sending her on her way. It was really frustrating. She sighed and looked up at him sulkily. "I'd do whatever you told me to." But it was already over and she could tell he was becoming dismissive.

"Then, remember this," Reborn whispered, but his tone is entirely changed. His hands slide up her arms to her shoulders, tugging her close. This time, the kiss is deep, and long; when she parts her lips, he presses the advantage.

His voice was so quiet it forced her to look back up from her sulk and her eyes widened as he leaned down and gave her a kiss that was most definitely not chaste. "Remhuhmph- " He still held her hands at bay, but before she could think she's already allowed him in and she tried to battle for dominance but he had more experience. Her head felt light and she wobbled a bit as her mind went completely blank with -FEELINGS-

He doesn't ease up; if anything, the kiss increases in intensity. He can feel her knees start to buckle, and now his grip on her shoulders is as much for support as for restraint...

Ipin's head starts to swim with sensation as well as lack of air. The last thing that drifts through her addled brain before her legs give out completely is 'Reborn smells nice, ooh how did he do tha-' and then everything went gently black. Her body slumped in his grip.

Reborn noticed the exact moment she blacked out, and caught her, gently easing her back onto the bed and tucking her in under the blankets. He brushed a kiss over her forehead and walked back out into the hallway, before he fell against the wall, breathing somewhat hard. That had been so close... But there was still the matter of the healing to investigate, and he teleported back to his own room, willing himself to put everything else out of his head.

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Ipin's batting ZERO. Not for lack of trying.

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