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If you have troublesome contact Ipin, please leave behind the information in this post. She will be her promptly to respond you well. If you hoped that gives her about the rp idea or possible constructive criticism suggestion this is the such matter's very appropriate place.

Thanks visits Ipin' s journal.
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I-pin loves going to the park, there's lot of room to run around and practice her kenpo and Mr. Yamamoto is taking her. He was just supposed to take her but Lambo had shown up and started crying so now both children were riding on the taller guardian's shoulders and Lambo was laughing about how he was bigger than everyone around him. He kept turning on Yamamoto's shoulder and wiggling his butt at people passing buy. I-pin was starting to look frustrated with his rudeness and shouted something at him in Chinese before launching herself across Yamamoto's body in a flying kick aimed right at Lambo's naughty head.

The two children went tumbling onto the sidewalk, I-pin landing in a practiced crouch and Lambo bouncing off all that hair and bursting into tears. "Lambo is a bad boy! The average all stop!" She announced, fists clenched at her sides. Lambo, for his part, stopped crying to stick his tongue out at her and then turned to shake his little cowprint butt at her for emphasis.

"Stupid Egghead I-pin! Lambo is the best, he's not a bad boy at all! And he's way better than average all stop!" Lambo was pretty used to only understanding bits and pieces of what she said, and he pretended like he understood the rest.
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I don't know a lot about it, but if there's no oxygen can he even decompose in space? I don't know if I'd want my body just out there floating forever. In the sea the fish eat it and the water wears down the bones. And in the ground it well... dust to dust and all that. What will the recycler do to him?

Ohh I'm light on my toes again.
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Maybe you should... have a chat with everyone, Dr. Sweets. Just to make sure no one else feels like he did?
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There's different kinds? It probably wouldn't be effective to bet with chores here, would it?

Thank you, Robin. I'd like to be able to join in if that's what everyone's doing.
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That sounds fun! I've never played poker before is it hard?
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Ipin found Mr. Lucky! He continues to run away, and Ipin is impossible his signature which causes him to give him to want her to discover the protein soft sugar. She discovered that the heart and the chair follow her now! It is astonishing! Ipin obtains the pleasure, except badly dog filches from coconut tree crispies takes the Ipin heart she to the present let it return! Ipin also discovered that the chest uses the cookie. But Ipin does not have the time to attempt them, she will preserve it later! They request her to eat! Surprised!!
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Who Ipin and Gokudera
What Gokudera opens the gift he got for Lambo and gets a massage lesson
When Friday night
Where SDC Ipin's room
Rating A for aaaaahhhh (G yo)

Nnoont mehmph mm. )
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Lambo? I think someone mistook my room for yours, there's ... I think it's a gift, for you. Maybe they ran out of balloons because there's pink gloves instead and it's in a cowprint bag. Let me know where you are so I can give it to you?

Thank you for the movie night last night, Jyabura and Miss Fujiko. And Toboe for letting me snuggle! You're so warm and furry!

Are all the ants gone from the other boat?
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Ipin's head hurts and her gun is gone. Why is there a needle in her shoulder? Her pretty shirt shrank!! And it's spotty orange and green!

ETA: Mr. Yamamoto? Mr. Richard? Ipin lost her gun! Where are you?

ETA II: Ipi... I found Mr. Ace... he doesn't look very well.

ETA III: I have Mr. Ace's gun! I'll shoot back if you keep shooting me!!
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Who has Ipin's kung fu? She misses it. Asks Ipin to be able to return to it?
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Who: Gokudera, Ipin and Lambo
What: Locked in the room and someone's got the France. (cont. from here)
When: Wednesday Night
Where: SDC some random room
RATING: R for attempted sexual content XD

Ipin could only hold off so much. But Lambo had already taken Mr. Gokudera's pants off and now he was removing his own boxers and she didn't think she could handle that. She dropped her laptop and jumped toward him, hoping she didn't kill him on impact. "STOP you can't just DO THAT!!" She scrunched her eyes mostly shut just to avoid seeing if he managed to get them off and hoped for the best.
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Who: Reborn and francified!Ipin
What: Ipin lays yet another trap
Where: Ipin's room SDII
When: Tuesday night
Rating: PG13 (because it's frigging France)

Uh... don't kill me Dani )

Open Log

Apr. 21st, 2009 12:57 am
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Who: Fujiko, Ipin, ??
What: Monopoly
When: Uh... Monday night
Where: Hallway and rec room on the SDC

Ipin sat a little moodily in the middle of Jyabura's bed, she felt uncomfortable. Clearly less flexible than before on top of being unable to walk ten steps without stumbling over absolutely nothing. She sighed and looked at one of the squished crayons. The thumb imprint was definitely her younger self, it was really small. She didn't want to touch it for fear of actually grinding it into the bedspread or soemthing. And she was bored.

Cut to save your friends page )
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Mr. England is not mad! He have adopted Ipin, and nearby port and took she and Mr. Hong Kong shopping. He is the unusual pleasure! And he has bought Ipin, and Hong Kong gentleman Ices Cream and no one to insult cannot share with Ipin, and nobody has adopted her cookie! And her face no longer is the multi-spots!

Here is she ices cream!
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Ipin stood in the final form of her kata, hands outstretched pulling through the fluid motions. It felt like being at home in Japan actually with all the cherry blossoms fluttering around, the soft sounds of some of the crew at the dive site a way off. It was really peaceful here though. Which was good because she was going to need to find that center to finish her report on time when this latest bazooka finally wore off. She must have finally found Lambo and punished him for the marker. It was hard to tell sometimes whens he came back. The first had been a nightmare of time jumping. She never knew where she'd end up and she couldn't do anything when she couldn't take more than a few steps before disappearing and reappearing somewhere else again. So it was nice to get in a full set of kata.
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WHO: Lambo and Ipin
WHAT: Ending all the drama
WHEN: Sunday night about two hours after Reborn leaves the ship (yes by god there's another log)
WHERE: Some storage room on the SDII

Yes, yes I have been logging a lot lately.

Dust yourself off, pick yourself up )

Log time!

Mar. 14th, 2009 08:16 pm
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Who Giselle and Ipin
What Making stew
When Next week sometime.
Where The kitchen in the galley on the Sweet Death submarine.

( Fake cut to the musical dancing mice )


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