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Open Log

Who: Fujiko, Ipin, ??
What: Monopoly
When: Uh... Monday night
Where: Hallway and rec room on the SDC

Ipin sat a little moodily in the middle of Jyabura's bed, she felt uncomfortable. Clearly less flexible than before on top of being unable to walk ten steps without stumbling over absolutely nothing. She sighed and looked at one of the squished crayons. The thumb imprint was definitely her younger self, it was really small. She didn't want to touch it for fear of actually grinding it into the bedspread or soemthing. And she was bored.

Fujiko peaked her head in the door, Jyabura had strangely been able to fix it and she'd been used as a blowtorch. It was a strange day to say the least. "Ipin?" she ventured nervously looking for the girl, "How are you doing today kid?" It was a redundant question; clearly the day had sucked for most people. And some things given the state of Jyabura's bed which within the last 24 hours had been burned, collapsed, and covered in crayons.

Ipin looked up almost desperately at the sound of a voice. She smiled a little at Fujiko. "Hi Miss Fujiko! I'm uh... bored." She laughed a little shyly. "Maybe I should be in a straight jacket. Although I don't think it would hold me."

Fujiko grinned wryly, "If you should be in a straight jacket so should I. Except I got this instead." She tugged at the seastone collar Jyabura had made for her out of the originally trashed one she'd used on Smoker. It made her dizzy but it was light enough that she didn't collapse. And it kept her from burning the ship down at least. She was going to kick Ace if this turned out to be his fault. He was certainly taking it calmly enough. "Hey Ipin... I gotta practice self-control supposedly. I always thought I had some but I guess... not really that much. Do you know any meditation tricks or something?" As an added bonus it usually calmed Ipin down when she did it so maybe it would have a soothing effect tonight as well.

Ipin looked thoughtfully from the collar to Fujiko's face. "I... I forget how. I think... you sit and take deep breaths really slow?"

A now familiar feeling of alarm crept over Fujiko. "Aw kid... you lost that too?" She wanted to explode.... to just turn into fire and go lash out at whatever had done this and... that was the fire talking. Fuck. She needed self control. It was like wrestling with her own emotions only worse and far more dangerous. "Fuck this," she growled, in her anger forgetting how much Ipin disliked curse words, "You want to do something instead? Something where your strength won't hurt you or anyone else and where if I turn into fire I won't burn the ship down?"

Ipin sat up straighter. "I'd like to do something! I've been sitting all day and I feel like I'm going stir crazy!" She moved to get off the bed and got her foot caught in the bedspread, crashing to the floor face first. Luckily no strength had been behind it so there was no new dent but her nose started bleeding. "Ahh.. kleenex please?" She sat up and pinched her nose, flushing a little and trying to gather her dignity back up, and untangle her foot at the same time.

"Uhhh," Fujiko said, trying not panic and running for the kleenex box. "Or maybe we should... practice restraint?" she passed the tissues and looked around frantically. "A game. We can play a game and every time I get emotional out of control you can squirt me with my water gun." She chuckled, "Just don't throw it."

Ipin laughed and held the kleenex to her nose, clearly only embarassed, not panicked. She was accustom to Lambo being like this. "How about both. I want to get out of this room." She moved to stand, pausing for a moment to make sure she wasn't just going to lurch off and crash again. "You'll let me use your gun?"

"Yeah... the water one. I showed it to Gon but I guess you haven't seen it? You gotta.... huh there's this..." Fujiko's mind slipped each time, "I can't focus... must be the fire. You have to do something... special with it? Because... Smoker could use it as a dog... so it's different than others... but I don't know how?" She felt confused. Of course she had to know how, she her guns better than anything. Where was that water gun anyway? "I'll just show you! It's in my ...." Fujiko's face dropped to instant confusion. "Someplace special." Someplace lost? If she lost a gun even the silly back up water pistol she kept for times like this she was really going to have a meltdown. Possibly literally. Fujiko took a deep breath and closed her eyes like Ipin suggested with the meditation, focusing on breathing. "Jacket? Please say I've shown it to you before." But he did she get it OUT of her jacket was the question. Gon had come up with a clever way and now she couldn't seem to remember it.

Ipin watched Fujiko curiously at first then a little worriedly. "We could just go up to the surface maybe... just, relax? Maybe sunbathe? That would be relaxing, right? Then we dont' have to worry about getting upset!" She didn't know if she should ask to look in Fujiko's jacket or if that would upset her. She seemed close to panicked.

"Hey uh Ipin..." Fujiko felt like Garp on a stupid day. "Check my jacket will ya?" If she couldn't find her gun she was going to be really upset and if she couldn't find it herself at least she was starting to figure that some of the people on the SDC weren't intending to kill her at least. It wasn't trust but it was a little less distrust at least. "I'm kind of too fidgety to sunbathe." That would make her fall asleep and if she had another nightmares even the little seastone tags might not save her.

Ipin looked around and spotted a jacket that was charred. Oh dear, poor Fujiko. She lifted it up and reached inside feeling for weight in the pockets and frowing. The sleeve itsself was heavy. She reached down and her finger pressed something shooting the gun out at her foot where it bounced making a cracking sound. She winced and tried not to jump at it. Oh man she was going to be all bruised tomorrow. "I think I found it."

Fujiko winced at the cracking sound not sure which was more worriesome, that Ipin might have hurt the gun or herself. "Okay!" she beamed, quickly putting up a mask to replace the wince. "What do you feel like playing? Mahjong's your favorite right?" And that way Ipin could practice very very gently placing tiles. And Fujiko being a sore loser would have to practice getting any emotional outbursts good or bad under control. That she still hadn't shown Ipin how to even use the gun was complely forgotten.

Ipin leaned down to pick the weapon up, gingerly tucking it into her waistband, making sure not to squeeze at all for fear of bending it. "I do like Majong, and Monopoly! And... trival pursuit!" She grinned. "I'd love to play a game!"

Monopoly was Fujiko's favorite so long as she got to be banker but no one ever wanted to lay it because it took so long. "Monopoly? You sure?" She was trying not to look too eager but probably failing. No one ever actually volunteered to play it with her.

Ipin grinned and nodded. "Sure, it'll pass the time. Right?" She enjoyed the thought process, and luck. "If you'd like to."

"Hell yeah!" Fujiko grinned ear to ear, "I love monopoly. Dibs on banker!" This was why she loved the SDC sub. Even though she'd wanted to run away a dozen times now the people on it kept doing things that made her happy. It was intimidating but really nice. "Should we ask anyone else to join?" Fujiko asked leading the way into the hall towards the rec room. She almost regretted asking because at this point French Lambo could turn even Monopoly into something very perverted and twisted. Still...

Ipin smiled, just glad to have company. Fujiko and Jyabura had been in and out but everyone was dealing with their own power problems and she was afraid she'd just exacerbate the situation. "Do you think anyone else would like to?" She asked. She hadn't seen much of Lambo and Killua had been cooking all day. "We can see if anyone's in the rec room." She let the door close on it's own behind her and walked next to Fujiko, carefully not touching anything.

Fujiko shrugged. The idea of willingly asking people to join her without some devious plot in mind was still foreign to her. And the only devious thing she had to go with the idea was that maybe one of them would make her jumpier than Ipin alone would forcing her to have to get even more selfcontrol. Srill, since that wasn't something she really wanted all that much, that left her at a loss. "Wait... Killua's been cooking?" She had seen people mention it in passing and it was a good thing too since Giselle had randomly turned as perverted as Brooke but strange didn't begin to cover it. "Um we can just see if anyone's there I guess." A thought occurred to the woman as she watched Ipin very very carefully step along the hall, "Hey kid, you ever take ballet?"

Ipin looked at her curiously. "Ballet? No. The only dancing I've ever done I learned from Mr. Reborn. He taught me at a party." She grinned. "It was lots of fun." She thought fondly of it. Reborn really was a good teacher.

"Huh," Fujiko ran a hand through her hair. If Ipin had taken ballet it might have made it easier to explain a good way to walk but whatever, the kid had a good handle on it so far. "You like dancing though?" It made sense, if anyone would be good at it, Ipin would. "Any kinds in particular?"

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