pinzutimebomb: (Adult: Kata)
I-pin ([personal profile] pinzutimebomb) wrote2009-04-03 11:23 pm

Log: Because I can

Ipin stood in the final form of her kata, hands outstretched pulling through the fluid motions. It felt like being at home in Japan actually with all the cherry blossoms fluttering around, the soft sounds of some of the crew at the dive site a way off. It was really peaceful here though. Which was good because she was going to need to find that center to finish her report on time when this latest bazooka finally wore off. She must have finally found Lambo and punished him for the marker. It was hard to tell sometimes whens he came back. The first had been a nightmare of time jumping. She never knew where she'd end up and she couldn't do anything when she couldn't take more than a few steps before disappearing and reappearing somewhere else again. So it was nice to get in a full set of kata.

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