pinzutimebomb: (20yl: serious)
I-pin ([personal profile] pinzutimebomb) wrote2008-10-08 11:35 pm

Good Job SDC

So far we are on schedule. I expect a new target within 16 hours Gon and Killua. The helicopter appears to be in working order so you'll have little else to do.

I hope we are keeping you busy, Mr. Yumichika, I would like a report tomorrow by lunch.

Mr. Clair, I'm leaving you in charge of laundry as you appear to revel in the mess. I won't have the ship smelling any more of rotting flesh than possible, taking Richard into consideration.

Mr. Eriol please begin repairs first thing in the morning after meditation and breakfast.

Tohru, we appear to have aquired a nice sized ham, I think it would be nice if we had a celebratory dinner tomorrow night.

Mr. Oishi, assuming you've tended to all your fellow crew's wounds, I expect you on deck in twenty minutes for your punishment. Do not be late, you would not be happy if you were.

If anyone happens to see a tiny yellow girl in a tiny boat floating nearby you have permission to sink her vessel. I highly doubt she could manuver it out of a harbor but on the off chance she becomes very lucky, you know what to do.

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